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Been here for 6 years, just stumbled upon this group
Married to Pinay.
Permanent resident
64 yrs old

dems da prominent items, willing to chat more particularly with sailors and coastal dewllors

Don sa Katipunan


Wife and I have been here 11 years.  Back in the day I was a squid.  FFG sailor.

Steve & Myrlita:
Welcome. Bacolod City Negros Occidental here 13.5 years.

Welcome here Don,

You probably stumbled onto one of the best sites concerning the PI then :)

Welcome Don,

This is a good place to discover.

Like many here, and you, I am also long married to a Pinay.

I lived in the Phils circa 1998-2002.  First visit was in 1995 and last visit was Nov.-Dec. 2019.  Would have been back since, but C-19 has killed that idea.  International travel is starting to appear to be gone forever for most.  I am sure it will never return to the freewheeling days we enjoyed before.

Coastal dweller, but on the west coast of Canada.  Living off-grid on an island.  Owning and traveling by boat a necessity, but not sailing.  Not too practical year round.


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