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 Hello  IÓm Thomas 56 years male, Danish but live in Sweden. Married to a great Filipina for 16 Years +, have been many times in PH.

But its been a while because of Covid-19, but in a few days, we will be back.

Later this year, we would sell our Business and retire (at least part-time in PH, when it's winter in Europe).

We had built a house a long time ago, and need to check up on that.

I guess a lot had happened in the years since we were home last time. I was amazed when I saw on google street view, that our town now has a traffic light, just wow.

We look so much forward to, starting this new part of life. and get so good info from this forum.


Velkommen til forummet pakwhan vannlelon.

Not sure in what part of PI your house is located, but lots of change most places.  I have been a regular visitor since about 1994, lived there for a few years, and, in that time, the population has gone from about 68 million to about 112 million.  So yes, lots of change.  More traffic lights (and the traffic to go with them). 

I was there for 2 months this year.  Will go back in November and stay until February or so,

Hello pakwhan and welcome to the forum.
Safe journey back to the Philippines and I hope everything goes wonderful for you!

Hello pakwhan.  Welcome to the forum.  Looking forward to the posts you add to this site.

Welcome pakwhan :)


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