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Hello Everyone !!! Final Retirement Plans In Process

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Hello Everyone .....  I am in process on planning some time next year in 2024 my final retirement location to, The BEAUTIFUL Philippines !! Just a bit about myself, I am a 67 year young, currently existing, in the USA. I want to continue my life, living, in the Philippines for multiple reasons. My Mother is Spaniard but was born and raised in the Philippines. My Father is 1/2 Spaniard - 1/4 Filipino - 1/4 Irish/English and was also born in the Philippines ( I guess this would make me 1/16 Filipino - LOL, I don't know ). My Father was a Manager at the 1st Coca-Cola Plant in Manila and he also was a know Basketball Player playing on the Manila Basketball team ( position he played was center ). With a total of 5 children in our Family, me being the youngest, all were born in the Philippines, EXCEPT ME. I was born in the States after my Parents relocated the Family to the USA in 1953. I believe we are Mestizo. I am familiar with many Filipino customs, I cook some of the food and even though I was not born and raised in the Philippines it is naturally in my blood. My Mother always held on to instilling many of the customs on us children. I am researching area's to retire in like Davao, Valencia, Dumaguete and Bacolod City. All I know is I want to be in a Province. I have begun my spreadsheet containing everything needed to to relocate but I know I am going to have many questions during this journey. I hope I can get many of the answers here on this forum to help make our transition as easy and smart. I Thank You ALL in advance and I am looking forward to corresponding with Very Nice people here on the forum. Salamat

Nice to know who your speaking with so I thought I would throw a pic of me and my dog Chaos

Steve & Myrlita:

--- Quote from: RockinFray on January 21, 2023, 07:48:48 AM ---Nice to know who your speaking with so I thought I would throw a pic of me and my dog Chaos

--- End quote ---
Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy it. Normally, pics aren't allowed with new members but in this case, I'll make a one time exception.
Feel free to look around and enjoy. Keep posting and you will soon be off moderation.

Welcome to the forum RockinFray.  Look forward to your questions.  There are members on here from Manila/Cebu to those of us in the very rural areas.  Hope you find a lot of the answers to your questions.


Lots of informative members here to help you reach your goal to get home.


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