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Hobbies for expats what are yours?

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Maybe a hobby?

A neighbor of mine does wood cravings.

How about writing a journal regarding his life?

Painting? Collecting? Treasure Hunting?

Volunteer service? I was a nurse, so I volunteer at the hospital.


I was heavily into CB when it came out then took a change of direction to amateur radio
as my friend (many years ago) had a radio from an old WWII bomber. I somehow got hold
of a Kenwood 2-way radio and played with it for a long time. Sat a couple of times for my
licence, but failed each time to pass the Morse code part of it. Couldn't distinguish between
the "dits" and the "dahs". Do you have a radio here? Have never seen any mast in the Phil.
during my travels around.


Lee asked me a while back to put some posts detailing all my many hobbies and interests, the idea being to get others to then expand on them. I decide first to update my website to include them then add links later. This is proving a little time consuming but it will happen.

Good evening all, morning here in sunny South Florida with the fantastic temp of 79 degrees.

Graham I use when in the Philippines on my computer to talk all over the world. Amateur radio in the US has now gone to no code so you might wish to check into it in the Philippines via PARA but back when I started I needed 5 words a minute and then later on 13 words a minute of morse code but I bet now I cannot even do one word a minute without a lot of catch up practice, as I have not done any code in many years and am now tone deaf in my right ear from so much shooting.

I too started out in CB radio back in the early 70's or maybe it was the 60's not sure and then a friend introduced me to Ham radio (Amateur) and that was the start of my talking all over the world as a novice first in code and then a Tech. Later on when I moved to Florida and got more into building repeaters with another friend, he built a 440 repeater and the two of us built a 2 meter repeater and then I built a 220 mhz repeater, all from put together items and not from scratch. Once the repeaters were completed we put them all up at my friends home on his 100 foot tower. Later on I moved my repeater to a building also approx 100 feet and then ran it totally on my own with a few control operators. Control operators are sort of like moderators and the owners are sort of like admins. I later on became a control operators on a number of other peoples repeaters in the area and we used to help each other with repairs and tower climbing.

Later on I got into 10 meter FM and then I decided that in order to let others talk all over the world using my low band radio linked to the repeater via an autopatch, then I would need to upgrade my license so I went to Advanced which required 13 words a minute and that is where I stayed since Extra class then required 20 words a minute and I was struggling to make the 13 word test. Once I had my advance license, then I would frequently link the repeater to my low band radio on 20 and 40 meters and let the repeaters users who were generally Technician class talk all over the world, once I established a good connection with someone and then linked them to the repeater. Nowadays all that can be done via a computer using the echo link site or another site called CQ100 so no longer a need for antennas and if a person wishes to then a long wire or verticle in the back yard would work if they have a home where they had enough room to run or install such an item.

Other hobbies include shooting, (please lets not let this get into pro or con of gun ownership) as well as meeting new friends. I have to run for now to go spend some time with a friend whose wife is being operated on this morning but I would be happy to answer any questions and I hope others can expand on their hobbies.

Gray Wolf:
I love traveling, amateur photography, eating foods from different areas/cultures, snorkeling, gardening (both floral and vegetable), sight-seeing, fishing, canoeing/kayaking/boating, BBQ'ing/cooking, spending time with friends and family, walking/hiking, exploring, shopping for "treasure" in small town markets in the PH, enjoying "eye candy" everywhere (Gloria keeps me on a short leash ;D), reading, watching sports, movies...  I'm certain I left out a few   :)

If anyone finds themselves bored, maybe they need to do a personal evaluation of their life.  I honestly believe that anyone who is bored in the PH was probably bored (and boring) where they came from. 


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