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Soft Materials Machining.


Swivel away from Gardening for a change.  I came across these the other day.  It's not for everyone but I thought I'd share.

For those who like the retro film stuff I found the original instructional videos for my main tool platform.  The ShopSmith Mark 5.

I chose this because it is the most power tool functionality in the smallest package.   I got a table saw, jointer / planer, scroll saw, horizontal / vertical drill press, band saw, belt and disc / drum sander, router / moulder, and lathe.

It is all metal construction.  No electronics.  It can be completely disassembled and repaired, or fit into a BB box.  Like the old Volkswagen's it is designed to be repaired by common folk.  The Mfg makes a huge library of maintenance, repair, and operational data available.   There is a massive info base of folks supporting each other.

My particular one is a FrankenSmith pieced together from bits and bobs, most dating from the late 70's and early 80's.

I used this to fabricate all of our furniture.  Cabinet's, Apparador's, Tables, Chairs, Couch, Beds, Stools, and various Benches.  To form tool handles, bowls, and platters.  To mill wood, plastic, and soft metals day to day.

I can give it no higher praise than to say that it from an age when everyone wanted to build.

Modern Multipurpose Power Tool Introduction

Table Saw



Drill Press



Hope this helps.


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