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Different strokes for different countries, I remember when as a very young Marine stationed in Japan, when relieving myself in a public toilet, a pretty young girl came in and squatted right next to me, freaking me out but obviously a very natural thing for her.  Over the years I have come to appreciate the fact that in most Asian countries natural body functions are not considered anything to get upset about.  Where in the US where I was raised, they still have a puritanical outlook on the most simple of things.

While stationed at Tan Son Nhut AB(Saigon) during '67-'68 it was not unusual to see either sex urinating or defecating on the side of the road while riding to or from downtown.  Also the maids doing our washing of cloths had no problem washing them in our communal shower  while we were showering, a little unnerving at first.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Same here Chuck, when I was stationed at Utapao AB, Thailand in the mid 70s and living on base in an open bay type 2 story dormitory with women housekeepers, young and old. I would be taking a leak or either sitting on the commode doing my business and or when I'm butt naked taking my shower, the maids would be there cleaning and mopping!

I was in the downtown area the other day and was heading in the direction of a food cart.  As I approached, the guy operating it turned to the right, took two steps toward the wall he was parked by, whipped it out and whizzed right on the wall, then zipped it and tuned back to the cart and started handling food.  I was heading in the direction of the cart but had all intentions of walking past it to begin with.  Had no plans on getting anything from it.


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