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Electric Vehicles (EV) and EV Chargers or EV Charging Stations


I rarely see electric vehicles here in the PH. Though I see some electric buses and e-trykes to some areas. I bought my own e-bike and about to buy a Changan EV car soon. Just wondering if there are already public charging stations here in the PH. And where can I buy an EV charger for personal use?

Gray Wolf:
Hello Erwin! Welcome to the group. I suggest first of all that you visit this link to post a brief introduction to the group and tell us a little more about yourself.
It would help a lot if you let us know where you live. Major metropolitan areas may have some public charging stations, but you're not likely to find as many, if any at all, outside of those major areas. If you plan to travel, good luck finding charging stations. You would have to do serious research and plan your course very carefully.
Again, welcome to the group!  :)

Hi Erwin & Welcome to this great site of wisdom & ol fools,

Our last trip home was in 2020 & our family has been to most cities on Luzon north to south and I have really never seen any EV vehicles or any charging stations, maybe an EV scooter or 2 here & there. I don't think the PI electric infrastructure will be ready to tackle this any time soon, I would go diesel for now due to the global instability of energy bullies.  8)


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