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Smart SIM card registration failed

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In the process of registering Smart SIM card, there is page asking for documents (see Pict. 1).

 I am a retired person, and I have no business, so I just uploaded ACRI-Card, then Click Next.

A message appeared (see Pict. 2) asking to upload either of the other 2 mandatory documents, but I have none of those two.
The process stopped at this point, unable to continue, making the registration failed.

Is there anyone who has encountered a similar situation?

It's more fun in the Philippines...

This is going to be a clusterfuk until they get their collective ducks in a row.
If you are a 13a, I would register as a resident and not an alien.
If you are on another visa, you will have to play the game.
Best thing for you to do would be go down to the SMART office in your area and get the info you need straight from the horses mouth.
Worst case scenario would be to get your wife or one of her relatives to register for you until they get it sorted out.
Last resort would be to get a google FI international sim and go that route.


Thanks for the suggestions.


(Point of interest, I took a "print screen" on each step.)
I registered 3 SIMs yesterday. On each I application, I selected "Non Tourist Visa" on the first page (alonf with other required fields.
Followed all the way to the "Supporting Documents" page.
Then for the uploads were as follows.
Q1 - Uploaded my ACR-ICard Photopage
Q2 - Uploaded ACR-ICard reverse
Q3 - < ignored >
Q4 - Uploaded copy of passport stamp of BI amendment of 13A Temporary to 13A Permanent Status.

Everything registered and received control number by SMS.

Worked for me 3 times LOL!

See attached.

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I am waiting for Globe to set up their "walk in" registration services. Smart has already set theirs up.

I will let them do the work.



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