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Hello everybody,,,,i have another question,,,I was wondering how many men here have found their wives or gf's on dating sites,,,the lady I have been corresponding with I met on the Filipino Cupid website,,,a lot of the profiles and responses I disregarded because they did not seem  sincere or did not feel right by any means,,,just wondering if anyone else has had any luck on any dating sites,,,
Thank You

Buddy, the only advice i can give you is if one start saying all the things you want to hear then be careful; i know only a few who had great success on those sites. not to say it is not any good, but a lot of professional scammer's are mixed in there and they usually are the main ones who know what you want to hear leading all the way up to i need help to give so and so a birthday party, or my tuition is due and i will not be able to go to school, or my grandmother is sick and will die if i don't get the on and so on... usually the true filipina will not even ask for any assistance of finance; in conclusion i still say the best way is to come without promising anyone anything and look for yourself; so no matter what method you use...hope this helps. :)

Thanks Shortman,,,i have been talking to one lady,,,she has never asked for money or anything for that matter...I am going to make my first visit soon and have a good look around,,,plan on meeting her and seeing how that goes,,,if it doesn't work out ,,,well i have heard there are lots of pretty women there,,lol

Ok driver, wish you good fortune in your quest for true companionship; may the wind be at your back and your sails full at all times; (old navy saying, i am actually old army)

I know of a lot of guys who have met their ladies on online sites and those who took their time ended up in great relationships. Yes there are scammers out there but there are wonderful women on those sites too. If the lady you met online has not sent you any red flags, then I would say for you to pursue the relationship and the only advice I would give is to go meet her as soon as you can, and spend as much time with her as you can getting to know her and if that works out, then spend time getting to know her family. Good luck and please keep us informed.


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