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Why I can't marry a Filipina.

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When I was back in Ireland a few weeks ago I made enquiries about the pension rights of widows. My wife (at the time of death) would be entitled to half my pension for the rest of her life (this is also index linked). She would also get a further quarter for each dependent child (to a maximum of two) until they complete full time education.  She does not have to be Irish or even living there.  :o

This rule would have been before the introduction of divorce to Ireland and did not envisage the teacher getting divorced and marrying a young Filipina. But it is valid. 

It is a catch 22 situation. She could be better off with me dead, than alive! :-\

It would be a marvellous opportunity for a young woman - but dangerous for me.

Does anyone else have this predicament?

I am not in that situation as my pension and SS stop when I die but my question to you would be, how would she know if you did not tell her? I would think that would be a wonderful thing to leave a wife, as long as tje two of you were in love and I would guess she would have to know how to contact the right people in your govt and how to file the papers, so possibly giving that information to someone you trust but not to her might be a safe way to play it, if in a fairly new relationship.

In my wife's case, she had a chance to have my $200,000 life insurance policy a number of years back, all she would have had to do was not give me the epipen injection when my throat was swollen shut and I was just about passed out on the bed, yet she gave me the injection anyway, full well knowing that the policy was going to end the following year as it was a term policy I got when we married, so she then lost her chance at the chunk of cash. I guess that then meant that I was safe, at least I hope so.  ;)

Love is not about money but in some relationships the women are only with the men for the money, those are the dangerous ones to be in.

Maybe you should not tell her right away.  Take your sweet time and enjoy each other's company for as long as you can.  Like Lee said, if you trust someone there (maybe a lawyer?) write that information on a sealed envelope only to be opened upon your death. This way, you will be assured that you will not meet an 'untimely' death. Heaven forbid!

As far as the pension, im in the same boat as most, it stops upon my death.  However, there is a 250k insurance policy that Maline is the sole beneficiary of.  Honestly, there is a lot of things I worry about, but Maline and her greed is not one of them. I have to agree with Meylou, why tell anybody that you have anything, pension or anything will know when you need to let somebody (wife/ gf ) know.  Until then keep it to yourself.  I have three copies of my will, one I have had made here by my lawyer, one with him, one in our safety deposit box, and one with my business partner.  Just for me, if I had not completed trusted my wife, why would I have gotten married to her...its perfectly normal here to be a live in ....

I suppose I am in the 'firing line' with regard to the question posed. I recently retired and upon my death my wife (24 years younger than me) will be entitled to half of my 2 private pensions. I have already bought us (obviously in her name) a house in the Philippines where we intend to spend an increasing amount of time in future years - god willing!

The apartment we live in in the UK will be left to my sons upon my demise, and I am fairly content that my wife is well catered for should anything happen to me, and that is an important consideration for my peace of mind. Whilst I know that our marriage is as strong as it could be, that will not always be the case for some when marrying a younger Filipina, or in fact any aged Filipina.

I agree with others that if you have any doubt about your wife it would be wise to keep quiet about what her financial situation would be when you pass on from this world. In fact for many it would be a good idea anyway  to pass on only scant details of income and capital when married to a younger and financially inexperienced Filipina. Especially if her family are of the more demanding type.

The situation may be a little different if your wife is living with you in your home country, she will probably have a more balanced view of money and life generally, and as in our case she could be in a job which helps contribute to our combined income.

But overall it is something for expats to be aware of because every so often there comes to light a case of an expat meeting his death in suspicious circumstances. Yes ......... the more I think about it the poorer I think I would act when meeting prospective Filipina wives.


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