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Many expats find love in PH: survey


I totally agree.

--- Quote ---The Philippines is the number one location for expatriates to find their "significant other," a recent survey by the InterNations showed.

The Expat Insider survey, which had 13,851 respondents representing 165 nationalities and 169 countries of residence, showed that 66% of expats in the Philippines are in a relationship with a local resident.

The survey was conducted online from June 10 to June 30, 2014.

The 66% rating puts the Philippines on the top spot in the "in love with the locals" index, placing the country among the go-to places for expat romance.

The Philippines is followed by Colombia (60%), Argentina (55%), Brazil (54%), Mexico (54%), Chile (54%), Israel (53%), Greece (53%), Poland (51%), Ecuador (51%), and Russia (51%).

The ratings of these countries lie far above the global average of 31%, the survey noted.

It added that in these countries, the numbers of expats involved in a long-distance relationship are below the global average of 15%. READ A LOT MORE on

--- End quote ---


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