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--- Quote from: robbie_d on June 02, 2019, 01:10:51 PM ---Hi suzukig1,

Thanks!! So she CAN call the lawyers' offices with her mobile. It's funny that she was not aware of that fact as she lives with that gadget in her hand all day long.

Here are two phone numbers of the twenty Olongapo City lawyers which i sent to her, as listed on the internet:
+63 998 976 3406 (This is a mobile, correct?)
+63 47 223 7931   (This is not a mobile, correct?)

What exactly would she have to dial if she is NOT in Olongapo City when calling these Olongapo City numbers?

--- End quote ---

1. +63 998 976 3406 is a mobile number on the Smart Telco network.
She will have to dial 0998 976 3406, from the mobile network provider she has. No matter where she is located in the Philippines at the time of calling.

2. +63 47 223 7931 is a PLDT network land line.

She would have to dial 047 223 7931 from her mobile, no matter where she is or which mobile Telco she uses.

If she uses a landline outside the 047 area she would dial the full number - 047 223 7931.
If she uses a landline inside the 047 area she would only dial 223 7931.

The province of Bataan is included in the PLDT 047 prefix area.

Here is a link to Telco numbering. <  >

Thank you, so much, Peter. Your response really clarifies it all.

I am just sitting, here, scratching my head and wondering WHY she doesn't (or didn't) know that. 
Could it be she has never called a PH landline before?
She's been working non-stop at various jobs since she's 17, i am sure she's had to call-in to work for some reason and had to call a landline at least once along the way.
What also worries me is why she's worked at so many different jobs if jobs are so hard to find in The PH. I would think that she would stay at a job when she has one.

I've been REALLY on her case, lately, "strongly" encouraging to send her photos to modeling agencies because SHE can do it.
I've seen some ...well, let's just say, 'not very good looking' PH models posing for ads in PH modeling agency FB pages.
She is a stunner.
She's trying to tell me now that she's ugly and not good enough to be a model, but she forgets about months ago when she told me that everywhere she goes she gets cat-calls from men. And i can believe it. She is ALL that.

With all the money she is needing, now, for lawyers' fees and bureaucratic bribes to correct her documents, she is flatly refusing to even consider modeling with many lame excuses.
However, she is an absolute stunner.
She was nagging and going on and on so much about getting her passport, that i agreed. But i told her that if i agree to let her spend P950.00 on a passport to be a freeking maid in an Islamic country, that she will come here first to spend time with me.
Since her passport application was denied due to her TWO different birth certificates, she's now panicking and seems to be in such a hurry to get a lawyer started on her file, and that is a good thing. BUT what is really starting to bug is how she is NOW telling me that her cousin, who was working as an OFW, as a maid, (and who had been sent home early because of ABUSE by the Islamic employer) is telling her that
"Most 'agencies' won't allow you to use your mom's maiden name". I'm thinking  ???  :o "agencies"?? ...maid agencies? She told me that she will never be a maid after learning what i showed her about that industry - all the physical, mental and sexual abuse and murders. And she still has it in her thick skull to be an effing maid!? WTF!!!

So what now?... is her provincial ex-maid cousin an expert in emigration and passports now just because she was led, like a lamb, to a maid agency and she got abused by her Islamic employer and was sent home early because she wanted her contract canceled?? Pfftt! Man! Talk about the blind leading the blind.

So, i am clearly noticing that she is really concerned about being a maid - that, seems to be her goal in life.
So, red flags are going up, now. I keep thinking if she still really wants to be a maid, why ask me to foot the lawyers' fees and bribes?...let the coveted maid agency handle it all for her.
I've clearly told her that i would not want her to be a slave-maid and putting herself in any harms way. She has such low self-esteem. She is a knock-out but refuses to send her model-like photos to a modeling agency where if they like her, and some modeling agency WILL want her, she could be earning more than P30,000.00 per month just for smiling in front of a camera and then she can go home to her son every night and pay her own legal fees and bribes.
But no, she wants to be on her hands and knees scrubbing floors and being overworked all day, and being beaten by the employer and even risk being raped and/or murdered if she speaks out about the abuse, and all for US$4,000.00 per month - with no days off and she won't see her family and son for months and months on end.

I had sent her more money than i wanted to send only once. And if anyone remembers, i only wanted to send CAN$60.00 once in a while so she could buy and eat better food to help stop the UTIs from recurring.

I am feeling so confused. 

Steve & Myrlita:
Robbie, if you're going to post about your GF beyond Mobiles, please start a new topic. TY.


--- Quote from: Steve & Myrlita on June 03, 2019, 02:30:16 AM ---Robbie, if you're going to post about your GF beyond Mobiles, please start a new topic. TY.

--- End quote ---

Hi Steve,

I kindly welcome and encourage you to delete whatever you deem unacceptable.

You have my full support and permission to do so. NO hard feeling on my par. I promise
I mean we wouldn't want any more complaints, would we? I can't imagine all the complaints flooding your inbox.



Apologies for responding to a GF post from Robbie on this thread, but I feel his earlier statement <......and all for US$4,000.00 per month...> should be corrected.

First time, inexperienced maids would dream of getting such a salary.
Around SR 2,500, OMR 250 - 300 is the norm. So US$ 450 - 600 is about the going rate in the Middle East at present for first timers, no matter how the recruiters (who are only after their commissions) spin it.

To bring some context. A Captain in the Royal Army of Oman would be on a monthly salary of around the equivalent of US$ 4,000 to 4,500, depending on service increments. And most RAO Officers who worked for me had at least one maid, with some having a nanny for their children, as well. As had most married Senior NCOs

Peter (Retired Contract Officer - RAO)


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