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Author Topic: Education in the Philippines  (Read 17395 times)

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Re: Education in the Philippines
« Reply #15 on: January 03, 2012, 06:34:00 AM »
My experience is similar with our nieces and nephews.  They were given the straight story about education; without it you go nowhere.  We told each of them that we would foot the bill for their tuition, but only if they showed us a strong desire to learn and to excel.  Every single one dug in and worked their butts off!  And not just in school.  At least two also worked part-time jobs to help with the bills all while attending college full time.   

We now have 3 RN\'s, 2 Industrial Engineers, 2 Tele-Communications Engineers and one who is a professor with a Masters in Computer Technology working on his doctorate.  All have great jobs, some in the RP, some in Dubai. 

Our last university student is my niece Tin-Tin who will graduate this semester from High School.  She wants to become a Chemical Engineer.  She\'s a straight-A student, top of her class and is planning to attend Mapua Insititute of Technology beginning next semester. 
She\'s been the brightest of the bunch all along and we expect big things from her.  After her tuition is set aside, we can finally \"retire\" and start seting aside money for ourselves.  ;)   :D   ;D   
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Re: Education in the Philippines
« Reply #16 on: January 03, 2012, 01:57:47 PM »
If you mean obligatory schooling, as far as I know there are no such laws in the Philippines.  Many extremely poor children don\'t even finish elementary school.

Welcome to the Philippines...   :P

Good - for what I thought of  :)
Then can I chose to have home schooling in some subjects 1-2 days per week, so the kids don\'t need spend extra much at studying.

Quote from: Skip Campbell
On the other hand, I have met many people with graduate degrees in the Philippines who appear to me to be basically illiterate.  What caused this?  Who knows, but it definitely had to do do with the schools they attended, their own desire to learn, and the type of degree program they completed.
Proved factors in some I-countries. (In average)  :
1/ Level of parent\'s education. (=Habits of studying.) Plus better educated parents have much better chance to assist the children.
2/ Chinese parents   ;D     =The exception from p1, in the American study, was Chinese. They had much better than expected results than average. I don\'t know if the study have that conclusion, but I guess it has to do with many abroad living Chinese push their children very hard. E g one Chinese friend - before I mentioned they perhaps push their children to hard  :)   - force their children to have full school days during the weekends too.

In general for other nationalities too - No problem children do much IF the children REALY want themselves, but many hard pushed children breaks or revolt. I had to stop some parents from to hard pushing, when I made national team players of their children by making them have fun and improve their mental strength. (When it was  needed   :)   When one just visited the club as 5 year old, his older brothers played there, then I told he will be national champion if he chose this sport (chess). He has been youth champion 3 times.)

As the parents of the 8 year old genius Aidan (Singapore) says:
Father: Genius children can\'t be pushed by parents. It\'s the child pushing the parents to get resources enough. E g Aidan wanted a real chemistry lab when he was 6.5, but it took us 1.5 years to get access to one.
Mother: He need some balance. When it become to much, then I take him outside so he has to play.
(Then the son wrote chemistry formulas in the sand   :D

Have you heard of this Philippine 2 year old, who can read allready?!
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He use computer some already too. Perhaps I will employ him in 2 years or so  :)

BTW he live in the Bohol mountains, so it\'s possible to get brain stimulation living there too   :)