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Gray Wolf:
A severe storm front rolled through Kentucky 4 days ago, spawning strong straight-line winds, micro-bursts and hail storms across the area.  I got the hail, a bunch of it!

Fortunately I can park my Jeep under a Jasmine tree, which took the brunt of the impact of the hail stones, saving the Jeep from damage

Thanks for the photos, happy there was no damage to your car. I have always kept my vehicles in the garage or under a carport. In Florida during one hail storm car dealers suffered major damage to new cars on their lots when a hail storm hit, yeah I know FLORIDA some of you may say, but it did happen and if I remember correctly it happened more than one time.

Jack, glad you didnt suffer any real damage...on occasion we would get those in NC, and rarely some snow during the winter.
Most of our problems in Beaufort came from hurricanes ...My brother there gets a lot of strange weather

Lee2 Florida gets some of the strangest weather on the planet, and some of the most sever thunder storms in the country if you live up around the middle, like Tampa...I use to love watching them, especially from the air, the most impressive thunder storm I ever saw was flying from Pensacola to Miami...we were at about 25k feet and it was at least 25k feet over us.

Florida also sometimes gets snow.  In '89 there was significant snow and during the '70s there was a couple of times I remember riding my bike back home from the bases in the afternoon with flurries covering the road.  Of course, that melted in no time but the '89 snow stuck to the point that there was snow in shaded areas, like overpasses and elsewhere, three days later.  It didn't stick long around out around the beach areas though.

Snow, haha.  You guys don't know what snow is.  That's one reason I want to leave Wisconsin and go to the Philippines.


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