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Last month I received a time dependant insurance letter from the UK, which took 77 days to be delivered.

I then wrote to TVP in Newcastle, just to set my mind at rest (twitch, twitch) to ask if there was a life certificate outstanding for me.

Yesterday, I received a reply, part of which is below.
Thank you for your email to Newcastle Pension Centre (International Group) dated 30 January 2020.

I have checked your records and you have not been issued at present with a Life Certificate.They are issued yearly, picked at random by computer, but not everyone receives one .This is not going to impact upon your pension.

Apologies for any concerns you may have.

This seems to me, that you don't know you've got one outstanding, until your OAP is stopped.  ::) ::) ::) ::)


Just to bring the subject up to date.

Further to receiving the confirmation mentioned before, as PhilPost has just started home deliveries again, yesterday I received a Life certificate, dated 9 February, from TVP with a 16 week return window. Well yesterday was 17 weeks plus a few days!

I asked a mate in the UK to call Newcastle on my behalf explaing the situation, OAP quarantine, post offices closed since March etc. etc. Like the good Geordie he is, he came througn in spades and got me another 16 week's grace.

This morning I went to our attorney for the stamp, then on to the post office to use the EMS as usual. Surprise! PhilPost is not delivering to the UK (nor the US) and many other countries.

I've attached a pdf/photo of the document, which is in the window of the Post Office.

We then went to LBC and thay said they are delivering to UK, so the wife is in a queue of 15 as I write this.

Stay safe everyone.



Link to the PhilPost Circular Number 20-38 dated June 10 2020,. which details the countries serviced at this moment in time.

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Note, there is no outgoing mail being accepted, for delivery to Australia, the UK or the USA.


It's very easy to call Pensions Dept from Fils using Skype.
I received a POL in March and rather than faff about trying to get it back to them, I called them.
After listening to the prerecorded message etc, hang on and you will be answered and directed to the POL people.  After a couple of simple security questions to identify it's you, they mark your file as having responded OK and you're good to go.
Took about 5min and cost a few pence using Skype.


I've sent you a pm re Skype.

Stay safe everyone.



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