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Appointment for Initial ID Card for Dependents

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
When they replaced the SSNs on the I.D. cards, it took a few weeks to take effect. When we were still in San Jose, some of my pharmacy requests didn't go through and the had to use my SSN to make the request go through eventually. I think even some of our physical exam lab test billing got screwed up also, but I'll probably get billed eventually for my share of the bills.
The previous statement I received was for $1,300, but said that wasn't a final billing from TRICARE, since other billings were still pending. We didn't have to pay anything while doing all of physical exams at the Regional Hospital in San Jose and the hospital was just across the street from where we were staying at my in-laws. Everything was billed directly to TRICARE! I guess we'll have to wait when the final bill shows up.  ::)
BTW, my RP pharmacy claim was approved for a $1,500 refund (12 months of double receipts from Mercury Drug Store) and was paid directly to my via direct deposit after 30 days from submission of our claims. I faxed (60 pages) all of our pharmacy claims to WPS in Wisconsin - Overseas Claims.

Nah, I guess I don't know what it was now.  It wasn't the BI office as I never have been in one.  For that matter, whatever this was I had not been in either but I know it had something to do with being in the Dasmarines area because of all the former or shall I say, "retired military" living fairly close and it was near their golf course.  Whatever it was, if it exist, I don't have any use for it anyway.  I have a retired CS ID that I used to continue to go out to the base with and utilize MWR facilities and also to hang around on the rocks with my Filipino pal fisherman but other than that, it isn't worth squat.  When it expires, no sense me wasting my time trying to renew it.

Well got Gladys her dependent military ID card at the embassy today.  Our appointment was for 3:20 pm but we got there about 2:40 pm and were done and out of there by 3:00 pm.  Again let me stress the embassy will only process the initial card for dependents.  The sponsor must accompany the dependent/s.  The dependent spouse needs to bring 3 IDs one to leave at check in along with phones/cigs/lighters etc., plus 2 for proof of identification.  If ID is for your spouse she will need the NSO marriage certificate and NSO birth certificate(birth certificate is not listed in the requirements but they asked for it). Lucky Gladys brought her birth certificate. If either you or your spouse have been divorced you need to bring all the decrees. The processing is not done by JUSMAG it is done by embassy local national employees.  It is done only on Thursdays and you must make an appointment on line.  The sponsor will need to show their military ID card. 

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
As I mentioned in my post above, we did our initial and renewal of our I.D. cards in the U.S., but for mail-in I.D. renewals and DEERS update while residing in the Philippines go to this URL link:
BTW, the RAO in Angeles City can also assist in this matter of I.D. renewal by mail, but they charge for their services.


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