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Tagalog soaps - A love to Last!


Is anyone here watching A Love to Last?

I'm watching on TFC with English Subtitles and can't stop watching it!! Am I mentally ill? Should I seek out the services of a doctor?

p.s. I am also learning quite a few Tagalog words.

p.p.s I find listening to Taglish absolutely fascinating - start a sentence in English, switch to Tagalog, and finish up in English again! Why not!? ;)

Hey codefreeze! You'll really get hooked. Andeng and Anton has this good chemistry. By the way, how many Filipino words do you know now after watching the drama? If you want to learn few more term, I will be more than glad to share my knowledge.

And yes, Taglish really sounds fascinating. Filipinos are just fond of using it.

Hey Sam,

Yeah managed to get through it all. It was a really good series, although at the end there was a feeling the studio or whoever was bankrolling it said, hmm we need to wrap this up now - it did drift a little at the end and there were some loose ends. For example, they were never really clear about what happened to the guy who sabotaged the factory machines. What happened to that German owner guy too. ;) On the whole I'd say a good 8/10. I would however say the "bitter ex-wife's" boyfriend's hairstyle was 10/10 for being gravity defying!

I would love to see a follow up movie or even another series. Unlikely to happen though.



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