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Foreigners Allowed to Travel to Philippines 1 May 2021




Great news

Is it really great news?

I would be inclined to call it an improvement, but incremental, and one should not read too much into it.  It says nothing about foreign tourists being allowed in.  Specially, it says, in part:

They must have a valid and existing visa at the time of entry, except for those qualified under the Balikbayan Program

And yes, the Balikbayan Program is back, which is good, but that won't help most foreigners looking to gain entry to the PI.  It probably includes, among visa holders, those holding 9A visas, so probably those with a spouse in the Phils can get in without having to travel with the spouse, which is a balikbayan requirement. 

I understand there are a lot of guys who have girlfriends in the Phils they have not been able to see due to travel restrictions.  The announcement does nothing for that large group.  What I think it does is it restores the status of a couple of months ago, before they suspended the Balikbayan Program, travel on 9A visas, etc.  Or am I missing something?



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