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Sky Cable truth in advertising


I was very surprised yesterday at the Sky Cable office while my wife was paying the bill, we pay by the year thus have to go in to do it, anyway I was reading about their internet and all the signs were the same except the one inside, it was truthful, it had an add on that said 16 Mbps, then it said Minimum speed is 660kbps  :o then it said "with on average speeds of 6.6Mbps" but what shocked me was then it added "with 80% reliability"  :o such low reliability would put most businesses out of business back home.
Attached is the sign

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Our PLDT internet plan with the 8 Mbps speed works as advertised, because whenever I call them to complain that my internet is slow, they enhance the speed while I'm still on the phone speaking with the technician and I can see my speed go up on-line via on my computer. 


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