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Ever since I moved to where I am living now, we have been using a Smartbro pocket wifi for our internet. The signal has never been fantastic, but usually we could get what it calls a 3G or 4G connection (which I think is inaccurate but that's another story). I should add that there is only one place in the house that picks up this connection, but as long as I put the wifi there I can fairly consistently get a signal. I find that when I travel it is hit and miss - I had a hard time getting a signal in metro Cebu recently and ended up just using the hotel's wifi - so I aren't real happy with Smart's service overall. Nevertheless at home it has been ok, until now.

For over a month I have been stuck on 2G internet for no apparent reason. This has happened in the past, I think last year, and the problem resolved after a few weeks. But this must be approaching 6 weeks or so now with no end in sight.

So I'm faced with a dilemma. I don't believe Globe's signal is that good here, but I was thinking to try buying a Globe pocket wifi and see if it's any better than Smart's. If there's no signal, it will be a complete waste of money, but as I can't seem to find a coverage map for Globe anywhere, I have no way of knowing unless I try it.

I know what the story will be if I call Smart ("sorry ma'am but you live in an area with poor signal"). They won't install a "canopy" for us for this reason (not sure what the English equivalent of canopy is).

I've looked into Satellite internet, but I wasn't real impressed with the speeds being offered for the price. And cable internet isn't available here.

This is all a problem because... living far away from family isn't that much fun when your internet sucks.

Anyone else find it difficult to get decent internet where you are? How did you solve it?

Your Smart pocket wifi should have worked fairly well in Cebu, we use one too and it usually works great in most areas except downtown.

As for coverage, maybe get a Huawei B315 and get an outside beam antenna for it, that is what we use in our condo in Cebu in order to get a more consistent signal.

Below is coverage maps for Smart and Globe

Globe coverage map

Smart coverage map


--- Quote from: Lee2 on December 08, 2017, 10:05:18 AM ---Your Smart pocket wifi should have worked fairly well in Cebu

--- End quote ---

That's what I thought too, although I could barely get a signal. Like I said, not impressed with it overall.

That router looks interesting, I wonder if I can buy it in my area.

With the OpenSignal coverage maps, no map comes up when I open the links on my computer. It looks like it wants me to install the app for cell phone, but I kind of wanted to avoid that because they request a lot of permissions. It doesn't seem like Globe have an official coverage map, but I could be wrong...

Thanks for the info anyway!

Where I live with Globe we need an antenna on the roof in order to get a signal.  With the antenna it works well enough.  All of the installation was taken care of by Globe.  We have a postpaid account.

Par for course in the Phils.

Have globe "high speed" internet.  The high speed name is a joke...but...yeah.

Anyway, it goes out.  Just stops.  And has been doing this on and off for about a week.  Every day it got worse.  This all was over a month ago, maybe 2 now.  Anyway, I call to see what's going on.

A guy answers.  We are talking and I explain what is going on.  We already have their highest package for speed and data.  They guy goes on to explain we reached our data limit.  I go on to read him our contract.  It clearly stated that when we reach the data limit, we would still be afforded internet, just at slower speeds.  Now, you got the story up to the part where our conversation turns interesting.

The guy agrees with the contract.  This is RIGHT AFTER he tells us it stops when we reach the limit.  So I pause and state that again, per contract, we just go to slower speeds, and it does not stop.  Again, he agrees.  So I again state we have NO internet and it stopped.  The guy pauses very shortly...and says that is what happens when we reach the data limit.

I had it on speaker.  I'm looking at Tina with a WTF look on my face and she's laughing her rear end off.  She talks to the guy in local dialect(waray waray).  He pretty much tells her the same thing.  But, now she's not laughing.  She's getting testy.  He KEEPS up the same story.  Our contract is right at it won't stop...only slow down.  But, at the same time, when we reach the data'll stop.

The thing is, as I said, I already have the top package.  So even if this was an attempt at getting us to upgrade...there's nothing to upgrade to.

Tina called the national number after very abruptly hanging up on the local office.  They sent some people out to do a line check and apologized a lot to her.  Inside of a week everything was working great an the tech actually told us we have no limit.  When you have the top package, there is no limit.  Pretty much an unwritten setup.  So Tina downloaded the globe home app on her Ipad.  Sure enough, our data limit jumps like crazy...but we always have enough.  Seen it as high as 50gb limit and as low as 3gb limit daily, but it is always more than we have used(it'll move 3 times in 1 hour) and the monthly limit stays at 300gb...but our used date will jump around...usually down.

That said, a few friends of ours in the area have been complaining lately along with us that while our speeds are still higher than the rest with slower services in our area...the speeds have been slower the past few weeks.  Wonder if there is some reaction by globe and smart in response to what sam mig is trying to do by bringing in real high speed net to the Phils.  I understand that both globe and smart are fighting it.  But why would they slow our speeds when the pressure on them is that they are too slow all ready? 

We are in the who knows.


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