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Gray Wolf:
I thought I\'d start a new topic reserved for pictures of our asawas only.  If anyone else cares to join in, remember to keep them PG rated.  No fair showing off your lady in that way.   ;D ;D ;D  If everyone else is as much in love with their lady as I am, post some pics here to show us who it is that makes your life special.

Gray Wolf:
Gloria Christmas \'02

Gloria Christmas \'03

OK...I guess I will follow suit on this one. Picture taken at Sabin Resort in Ormoc. I\'m very proud of this lady...and not afraid to show it. She has done so much for so many...and is the light in my life.


Love those smiles! Great pics.....


John Amend-All:
No longer young and beautiful, my Norma, but we\'ve been together for 22 years and she is everything I could want in a wife. Won\'t bore you all by listing her qualities but Filipinas are not just gorgeous to look at, are they?


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