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--- Quote from: MotorSarge on September 29, 2021, 06:47:35 AM ---I will take the booster(s) since I have taken both Pfizer's. If I get the Covid I'll probably succumb or be very maimed by the outcome from high risk medical issues.
--- End quote ---

IF, after all of the information you have been given,

AND being diagnosed with a cardio vascular disease ....

you choose to continue to take part in global stage three experimental trials ....... 

ESPECIALLY since there are proven alternatives ......

Well ..... ok.  I am all about free will.  Myself personally I don't see the sense of it.  But I will defend your individual right to make that call.

Me and mine ..... well as you say "somebody has to roll the dice: .... well somebody has to be in the "control group".


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