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First Impressions, Davao and beyond.....

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Peel the roof back like Popeye does on a spinach can.........whadda they gonna say to you at your size  ;) ::)

 :)  I\'ve been in Cebu for a week now.  I was very fortunate to get great accommodations here, which I give a 5 star rating to.  It has made my stay here a very pleasant one!  Thank You Rod!!

My initial view of Cebu was pretty negative.  In order to get anywhere on the Island from the airport you have to go through some barrio areas that are not the best.  In Davao these conditions were rarely seen.  There was more litter, the people more destitute.  Not the scene you\'d want to put on a tourist advertisement, but perhaps a more accurate reflection of life here.

Perhaps too this is a reflection of Cebu being a larger city than Davao, I\'m not sure.  Since my arrival, I\'ve done a little traveling around, not as much as I would have liked, but enough to give me a better feel for the city.  It\'s larger, so there is more poverty.  It\'s more industrial, so there is more pollution.  All in all, not a bad place though.

Next stop Luzon.  Should be interesting.



BC Boy:
You need to go for a drive or over nighter. Things change drastically when you travel out of the city, even a 30 minute boat ride will make you think you are in Paradise. Cebu City is a good central hub to station at if you need the things a big city requires. If i can figure out how to manage economically i would live in a smaller town for sure.


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