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Pitfalls to be aware of

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The video will not work for me, it can be watched on the site itself where the video came from by clicking on dailymotion bottom right.

Danson L.:
Thanks for this Video. People who cannot view it should install INTERNET DOWNLOAD MANAGER (IDM), it will download anything almost, even if the video CANNOT be seen on the website!!!

Big daddy Ray:
In some areas of the Philippines...if you are injured and wind up in the hospital and need is sometimes hard to get your blood type. Some hospitals don't have a supply and you have to send a family member or friend to the Red Cross to try and buy a pint and take it back to the hospital so they can use it on you...crazy I tell ya...happened to us with my wife's Dad...needed a pint of blood...not available...we went all over town , police station, jail and military trying to get a pint...not available...he got by without it but it is something to be aware of..

Wow??? Glad I have a savings for emergency care?? Wow!!

Related to pitfalls - but just saw this - Phils doesn't do so well. The piece is about how dangerous Thailand is, but Phils is actually *below* it in the league table of "dodginess"!

I wonder how much stock to put in these tables though? My own experience of Thailand is I never had any bad encounters and have been visited on and off since 2003. With regards Philippines there are a few places in Manila where you wouldn't wander around at night, but I found people to be generally very helpful and kind wherever I went.



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