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John Edwards:
When I went to the Philippines I looked at several airline websites. Since it was going to take more than one airline to get from North Carolina to Cebu I tried to juggle the times around to make connections without having a huge layover. I finally gave up and looked at Priceline. I picked one and went with it. Flew United from Greensboro to DC and then from DC to Tokyo then JAL from Tokyo to Manila. I had to buy a separate ticket on Cebu Pacific to get to Cebu. The only problem I had was the airport in Manila. I had heard that that airport was bad and wanted to miss it but every flight I looked at came into Manila all at the same time. No matter where the flight started from, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai or Guangzhou the plane landed in Manila at 10:30 pm local time.
The planes were fine, Both United and JAL planes had TV screens in the back of the seats in front and there was a choice of 5 movies. Since the flight from DC to Tokyo was 14 hours long I watched all 5. Two chick flicks, 2 action movies and one spooky movie ďSixth SenseĒ it was the best one.
When we got to Manila there was 9 big jumboís all coming in at the same time. I donít like big crowds and this was one huge mob, from the gate all the way to the exit door. Customs was a mad house. I am determined to never go through Aquino Airport again, even if I have to take a boat.
I have since found several airlines that will allow me to skip Manila and fly directly to Cebu. The leading contender right now is Cathay Pacific. Iíll fly something from Charlotte to the west coast, say San Fran or LAX then fly Cathay Pacific to Cebu via Hong Kong.
I know Iíll have to fly into Aquino several times if I stay in the Philippines for the rest of my life but Iíll be going through the domestic airport not the international one. Although I think itís in the same airport there is a big difference in the terminals and the people that work in them. The people on the domestic side were some of the nicest people I ever met.
I got there around midnight and there were no planes out until 5:30 in the morning. Since I didnít have a ticket they wouldnít let me wait inside in the cool air. A cop carried my bag and led me up the street to a 24 hour travel agency I got a ticket. Then he carried my bag back down to the terminal and inside and picked out a cool section of the floor for me to wait.

I may go the travel agency route next time and let them do the juggling, so long as they let me miss Manila

Gray Wolf:

--- Quote from: wildbill on February 28, 2013, 09:58:37 PM ---gray Wolf I used philippine airlines before and they are high and don't give you anything but what they have to give on the flight for example Fly from Atlanta Ga to manila with one stop over in sanfrancisco costs was 2400 us dollars  round trip----- Korean Airlines  1200 us dollars round trip and fly to south Korea one stop then to manila and guess what I freakin love them if you get hungry or thirsty no problem no charge at allll just get up ask anything even all you can drink beers or whiskey what ever they have so nice to fly with them...or food its free..sorry just had to Bragg on them,

--- End quote ---

I agree WB!  We used Korean Air in 2006 and I could not imagine being in an airliner that was so clean and one that had such sweet, intelligent flight attendants who seemed genuinely pleased to take special requests!  I noticed that they also had a large crew so that you didn't have to wait long for anything.  They moved right along and always with a beautiful smile.  I'm a sucker for gorgeous Asian girls with big smiles and sparkling eyes.   ;D   
Their food was delicious and plentiful and there seemed to be no limit on drinks, but I didn't push it.  I was in a nice state of mind the entire flight.  Only drawback was a long layover in Seoul, but it was very nice, clean and comfortable there with food concessions, newstand, gift shops and large western style CR's.   :)   We're seriously considering flying Korean Air this year, unless someone has a deal we can't pass up. 

I agree with everything that has been said about Korean Air.  In my opinion, of the ones I have tried, they are the best.  A couple of the others are decent but, the U.S. owned/operated ones usually stink it up.  When I have used them, I only had to deal with Delta between Jax and Atlanta.  Then KA from Atlanta to Seoul to Manila and everything the same on return.

Yes I surely hope they always stay that to Gray Wolf love those Asian looks,

Gray Wolf:
I read somewhere that they traveled the country and recruited the tallest, prettiest, most intelligent girls from all over South Korea to be Flight Attendants and serve as ambassadors of Korean culture and class. 
They all looked like Miss Universe contestants to this old boy!  WooHoo!   :D   

But the most important thing of course, is a very professional flight crew, well maintained aircraft and good weather.  We had all the above!

I just checked yesterday and they are currently using the Airbus 380-800 for the Atlanta-Seoul leg of the trip.  I'm looking forward to flying in that gorgeous airliner!


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