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Buying a new bike but not being able to drive it

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One of my friends bought a new bike and I saw it at his home, yet he told me that he cannot drive it possibly for months until the registration gets processed...  :o  Is this common all over the Philippines? I do not think that I would ever fork over my money to buy something that I could not use right away..

That is pretty common.  My bike still has no plate and will be a year since it was ordered come April.  Just like in the US, keep the paperwork on the bike at all times. 

I use a gallon sized ziploc style bag and keep all that paperwork under the seat of my bike at all times.  Never once have I been stopped for that. 

There's a back story to why this happens and why the plates are not made in the Phils, but my memory is sketchy on the details and who in the political theater is making the money from whatever deal went down.  But I doubt I'll get my plate before the year is up.

yup i bought a scooter last march and no plate i drive it every day never once been stopped or asked but as long as have all the paperwork you be fine . wear a helmet and 99% of the time the cops wont bother u .

People will be driving their motocycles and vehicles because everyone here is dealing with several LTO issue's, police seem to know even the fixers are up to speed on how bassackwards this office operates.

It just amazes me that a country cannot even get their vehicles registered in a reasonable time frame. Its sure is more fun in the Philippines...


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