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Nice one and thank you, that definetly clears it up, now I've been told that the Sta Rosa branch has moved or had trouble getting space in a mall, so wonder how often they update the status of that?  May have to go in once again to the main office and then next year try Sta Rosa, hopefully all their moving issues are resolved, they could be up and running, I'll try to call....LOL.

Sta Rosa Laguna Branch (Luzon) is located at the  Sta Rosa City Hall, second floor, just got back it from doing my annual check in, real nice building.

Hi all, only my second post so don't slap me, thanks for this info, my partner and I were not aware there was a BI office in San Fernando City La Union.
We are looking at moving to San Juan in the next couple of years and (because we can't marry) was looking at the SRRV Classic but if there is a BI office still in SF it would be easier for me to go down the 59 day tourist visa, does any one know if I can file my visa extensions there?
The SRRV allows me us to import 7K US household and personal but it's a mine field and costly to do this, possibly cheaper to get rid of our furniture here and just send balikbayan boxes with personal things.
All input greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Steve


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