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Windows 10 and the forum

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I have had two members tell me that they are having issues posting and both are using Windows 10, so I am not sure what the issue is or if it is even related to Windows 10 but one was able to send me a private message but cannot post on the forum and the other sent me an email. It might be the speed of the internet provider people are using or it might be related to Windows 10 when it is sharing information back to MS.

If you cannot post then please try another browser and if that does not work, then try going into your forum settings and then into "Look and Layout" and then changing the "Theme" that you are using and see if that helps.

Please let us know if you find a fix for the problem and also for those members using Windows 10, please let us know you are not having any problem posting and what browser you are using and any other information you can provide, so possibly it can help those others who are having issues.
If you cannot post then try messaging me to let me know.
Thank you in advance..

Let me add, no matter what version of Windows you are using, it would be good to know if you can or cannot post, so could you tell us in a post in this section what version of windows you are using and what browser. I am using 7 and Google Chrome. Thanks

Gray Wolf:
I'm using 7 Pro and Firefox. No issues

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
We have Windows Vista Home Basic on my old 8 yr old HP desktop and an old hand me down 17" Compaq laptop.
We have Windows 10 on 2 newer laptops, a 17" Leveno & HP. We mainly use the "Slim Jet" as our default browser, which is chrome based and have Google Chrome, Firefox and IE9 browsers as our backups and all the browsers I've mentioned here do no have any issues on this LintP site and or on any other websites.
I also use the Google Chrome App on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 cellphone on this site and on others without any issues.
We have the PLDT DSL 8Mbps Plan with WiFi modem/router included, which was just upgraded last month from our old DSL 3.5Mbps Plan to our current PLDT DSL 8Mbps Plan, which works greats.
BTW, I myself recently replaced and rerouted our 25 meter cable (Cat 5) from our outside PLDT junction box directly to our wall phone jack into our master bedroom without any added connectors or wire splices. PLDT technicians however found frayed wires touching each other at PLDT's outside main lines, which was affecting our internet connection for the pass 3 months, but after the frayed wires were repaired our internet connection is operating flawlessly since 2 weeks ago and still doing great to our satisfaction.
When PLDT's Fiber Optic Plan ever goes down in price, I may consider switching over, but for now our unlimited 8Mbps Plan is sufficient for our daily needs.       

Windows 10 with Google Chrome no issues.



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