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New Category added The Dark Side

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I made a new category "The Dark Side"  for Senior Members with 50 REAL posts and above will be able to ask to be moved into the new group called Senior Member + who can see that section, and of course all categories of moderators will be given permission to see and access that section.

Would any members who already has 50 posts or more be interested in seeing and participating in such a section? 
So members please post in this thread only if you wish to be added to the group who will be allowed to see and post in that section . No other comments will be necessary, if you do not like the idea, that is fine, then do not post in this thread and you will never be able to see that hidden forum, no harm, no foul.

Thank you in advance.

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Updated 4/27/18 by Lee2

Let me add, if a member asks to be included and then decides that it is not for them, no harm, no foul, we can move that member back to the member group they already were in before the move, we are just trying to give Sr Members more freedom, more topics and more leeway.

Ok, include me.


--- Quote from: hitekcountry on September 29, 2015, 01:15:10 AM ---Ok, include me.

--- End quote ---
Got you, I will move you in a few minutes, please let us know if you run into any issues because of the move to Sr Member +
Thank you for your active participation.

BTW you should see no difference but if you scroll down to the bottom to the Just Having Fun section, then you will see the new section at the top.


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