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phone calls to the states

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I registered on Google Voice's website for a free US number and then I can call or text from that or I use Gmail to make free calls.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Be carefull what animation theme background you use, it can lockup your screen, unless you remove and reinstall your cellphone's battery. Other than that the Google voice app is pretty neat with a alot of features, but I'm not using the app, my old Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has enough features I can handle. Some Play Store apps can hijack your phone settings and very difficult to reset after hours of trying, but it can be done. Anyway, I don't do alot of adding new apps to my cellphone anymore, because I have so many apps on my phone already. I actually uninstall alot of apps I really don't use on a daily basis, plus apps contains popup nuisance commercials. Downsizing my apps helps to keep the clutter down and save storage space for more important stuff. Eventually I want a new, bigger and faster phone.

You just go RUFUS style!
Leave a message on your answering machine.

"Hi, I'm in the Philippines and you are not.
F U - leave a message and I'll call you when I get back!"
 :D :D :D :D :D

On a serious note...

I use TextFree app on my mobile by Pringer.
It gives a US number to text to and works as long as you have internet connection, and is free.
You can also pick your number (within unused selections).
I think you can make short calls for free as well but can purchase more talk time if needed, but I never had the occasion to call anyone.
They can text me!!!

(The answering machine message is real BTW.   ;))

Everyone, thanks for the info!  By this thread it would seem the majority use Skype.  I've never used Skype because I never needed to.  If I live or visit the Philippines I need the cheapest way to call back to the states for emergencies, banking issues (even though Navy Federal has a 1-888 #) or making calls to friends and relatives.


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