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--- Quote from: JoeLP on May 27, 2019, 08:56:06 AM ---She only buys the high quality stuff for the table and chair fabrics.  She had most of those chair wraps before I arrived 6 years ago and they are all still bright white.  She understands the "pay more now to save more later/big picture".   Just about everything she has for tools to cook with to the decorating items are all upper quality and reusable.

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I was just thinking of the laundry costs, actually. Sounds costly.

In the youtube videos i posted, people are using homemade bicycle-powered washing machines like as shown in a 1960s Gilligan's Island episode. I am pretty sure that one episode from the TV sitcom has spread around the world. Or maybe, that idea was already being used before the sitcom aired. I can't find the actual episode on youtube of Skipper doing the laundry. I vaguely remember that episode. I'm a frugal man. I'd make one if i was there and save that glorious moolah, and stay fit.
I think they were all talking turns peddling the make-shift bike. The Professor always came up some with resourceful gadgets.


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