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Social Security 2017 COLA

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It doesn't matter what you do to try to ensure that you don't only have to rely on Social Security.  They more you try to prepare for financial security, the more they find ways to beat you down.  And then they want to screw you up on Social Security.

I saw a comment about a Social Security increase of only about $2.00.  I hope that isn't actually $1.99.  Everything I see says they must round down to the whole dollar.  Yeah, round down.  I know mine for 2015 year was taken down 20 cents.  I hope whoever is getting about $2.00 that it doesn't actually turn out to be $1.00 increase for you.  That 99 cents or less is a lot when they don't want to give you crap.

How much is that in PH Pesos? HA!


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