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Author Topic: Shipping Items From the RP to the US  (Read 2381 times)

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Shipping Items From the RP to the US
« on: May 27, 2008, 11:06:22 PM »
Copied from our LinP3 Yahoo List ~~  Jack

LIP3`ers I must give JT praises for steering me towards Manila Forwarders .  Clearly they are the best way to send shipments BACK to the US . Very cheap if you live in Los Angeles, CA and affordable if you live in other places . Here is some info . Regards Kevin

Manila Forwarders, LLC handles both in-bound and out-bound shipments of commercial goods and household effects.  We handle Full Container Loads and Less Than ContainerLoads. We ship worldwide.

The company also offers balikbayan box services from the Philippines to any point in the United States for only $99 plus other fees per standard balikbayan box.

For small shipments,We recommend using our air cargo services.

Please email us the details of your shipments.

The company also acts a US Purchasing representatives for various
businesses. You may email us to set-up your account. Manila Forwarders could
the supplier for your requirements and arrange your orders. We can also handle
via paypal.

Commercial and Household good shipments fall under different categories in
import /
export shipments. Please visit US Customs Service Website for details.

Balikbayan Box Shipments from Philippines to United States

Balikbayan box shipments from Manila to Los Angeles abd other parts of USA.

US Citizens and legal US immigrants who have lived in the Philippines prior to
residing in
the United States are allowed by the United States Government to ship their
belongings to the US. This is just a one time privilege. Complete documentation

Personal goods and household effects only, misdeclaration is subject to USA
Copy of Passport & Green card, if applicable
Packing List, Use this forms:
Customs Form 3299 (Front)
Customs Form 3299 (Back)
Power of Attorney
Get Form: One Time Power of Attorney
Declaration For Free Entry of Unaccompanied Articles
Get Form: Supplemental Declaration to CF 3299

Empty Balikbayan Box $5/box
- Regular box size 24\"x18\"x18\", 4.5 cubic feet, heavy duty
- Jumbo box size 24\"x18\"x24\", 6.0 cubic feet, heavy duty
Pickup Fee $10 Metro-Manila, $20 All of Luzon, $30 Visayas and Mindanao
Ocean Freight, Manila to Los Angeles Rate
- Regular box $99 per box
- Jumbo box $109 per box (1/3 bigger than regular box)
Pick up Los Angeles Office.
For Deliveries other than Los Angeles, CA please add $35 per box. Higher rates
for over
100 lbs

Click the link below:

FedEx Ground Service

Quote is subject to change without prior notice. Cutoms Duties and Taxes will be
to the Shipper for Taxable items. Random US Homeland Security
inspection expenses is the responsibility of the shipper. This quote is for
Personnal Goods
Only which are non-taxable*

Commercial shipments

Companies licensed to do business in the Philippines and/or United States are
allowed to
do foreign trade. Requirements for such varies depending on the articles being
The requirements are not limited to the ff:

Copy of Business License
Commercial Invoice
Power of Attorney

Philippine Charges:

Ocean Freight $100 per cubic meter ( CBM )
Automated Manifest System ( AMS) Fee $ $25
Bill of Lading Fee $50 per BL
LCL Fee / Arrastre Wharfage $12 per CBM
All-In Ex-works charges $150/ LCL shipment
Trucking / Pick up Charge $ 40 per trip within Metro-Manila, add more for
If commodity in wooden pallet:
please add Fumigation Fee $60 for 1-5 CBM/ $75 over 5 CBM
Phytosanitary $75 per LCL Shipment

Crating Services, Manila: $75 per CBM
Maritime Insurance $1.50 / $100 coverage

US Charges
Broker\'s Fee $150 per shipment plus applicable duties if any
Forklift Fee $ 200 per CBM
Documentation $50 per shipment
Handling Fee $100 per shipment
Domestic Truckign to any point in the USA. Click the link below:

FedEx Ground Service

Quote is subject to change without prior notice. All shipment is subject to
inspection of Manila Forwarder prior to shipment.

US Homeland Security Inspection conducts random examination. Inspection Fees,
and Taxes is the responsibility of shipper. Inspection Charges varies based on
the type of
inspection conducted by US Customs*

Please email us for details.
Ms Rbhie Sta Ana
Manila Forwarder Phil, Inc
Philippine Export Office
Manila Line + 632.356.8061 US Line + 323.319.2680, Philippine Time

Balikbayan box from Phil to US
Commercial Shipments
Buy Box, Pick up Manila
Odd Shape Calculator

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