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anyone into marine reef tanks?

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Hi all!

Do any of you guys or gals have any knowledge you wish to share about marine reef tanks. I have been into them for years here in the USA and have bought many a fish from the RP at prices well into the hundreds of dollars per fish, or even worse 20 dollars per lb for rock ;D

Now that i will be moving there in October and close to some very popular coral reefs was just in hopes some of you all were into the hobby to check base with you on the availability of marine supplies there and the prices as compared to prices back here in the USA. Like do they carry \"ocean mix\" , \"protein skimmers\" and \"proper halide lightning fixtures needed for the growth of some corals\"...

anyone with any knowledge I would certainly appreciate your experience and knowledge in this area. Thanks in advance. ;D


John Amend-All:
Hi Murf

Cannot offer experience but I have always been fascinated by this hobby. Trouble is, as you indicate, the beautiful creatures are expensive. I used to keep freshwater tropicals in UK.

I have seen reef fish for sale in Tiendesitas, a touristy market in Manila. One stall was selling lots of clown anemone fish in a tank without the sea anemones, which I thought was cruel, but you will know better than me. This guy said you could get all the kit in Manila and fishes were cheap but the equipment was expensive.

When in Claveria, a small seaside town on the north Luzon coast, we went to the wet fish market and I was staggered to see so many reef fish sold as food items; angelfish, damsels, wrasse, triggers you name it. I told them they would fetch huge sums sent live to western countries but I don\'t think they believed me.

Here is a photo I took in the fish market.


Gray Wolf:

See if any of these will help with your needs.

Batasan Tropical Fish Collectors Association
Batasan Island, Bohol, Philippines
Tel. +63 919 488-1898

Marcilla Tropical Fish Collectors Association
Marcilla, Palawan, Philippines

Nagkahiusang Pundok sa mga Manimilyahay sa Malungtarong Panginabuhian (NAPUMAMAPA)
Barangay Hambongan, Inabanga, Bohol, Philippines

New Busuanga Marine Ornamental Gatherers Association
Barangay New Busuanga, Busuanga, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. +63-0920-8982744 & +63-918-5568700

Panglima Sugala Collection Area Management Plan Committee
Panglima Sugala, Tawi-Tawi
Tel. +63 927 542 8134

Samahan ng mga Katutubong Mag-a-akwaryum sa Tara
Barangay Tara, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. +63-920-8982744

San Francisco Camp Committee
Puerobello, Southern Poblacion
San Francisco, Camotes Island
Tel.+63 915 409-1970

Simunul Collection Area Management Plan Committee
Simunul, Tawi-Tawi
Tel. +63 921 641 1508

Tangaran Aquarium Fish Gatherers Association
Tangaran, Clarin, Bohol, Philippines
Tel. +63 920 779-3095

Thanks Jack, certainly more information I could gather on the internet and I appreciate your effort in looking them up.

I will contact those numbers after we settle in October. Of course I realize that I am jumping the gun on this one, need to get a house built first or rent one, but with my past experience in renting, I don\'t think I will have a problem with my landlord if I have an aquarium ;D as long as the rent money is good you hardly ever see them ???

About the only thing I need to worry about is what the construction is on the floor underneath where the Tank is going to sit, you won\'t believe the weight (or you probably will ) of a 750 gallon tank.With live rock and sand it figures out to approximately 11-13 lbs per gallon. :o

Thanks Brother!


Gray Wolf:
Wala problema, brod! 

We too are planning on an aquarium for our house.  If we\'re lucky enough to be able to build our own house, I\'m thinking of building an aquarium into a wall to use as a separator between two rooms.  I\'ve seen one like this at a friends house and it\'s awesome.  Lots of pre-planning, but so worth it, if you\'re into aquariums. 

If we don\'t build, but merely purchase a home, then I\'ll have a free standing unit.  I really like salt water tanks with live coral and reef fish.  Much more colorful than most fresh water fish as a rule and easily acquired in the Philippines.  Or at least, that\'s what I\'ve been told and what I\'ve read.  The proof is in the pudding.   :)


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