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Hi I\'m a legal radio amateur I was wondering if there is any law for me to bring my hand held 2 m and 70 cm ham radio and using them in the philippines.

Jogvan Sune Danielsen

From what I have been able to find out about CB and Other radios here it would be illegal for you to bring your radio and it would be confiscated if they found it on your person see the heading under Hobbies on this site we have been having a conversation on private radio use

Seems to be strict control on all radios including SSB could be because of the NPA and Other gorilla groups operating here government may not want radios in there hands seems foolish as everyone has a cell phone anyway

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I just got off the phone with a man that is a HAM and used to live in the PI and he says there is no problem using your equipment there. He was unsure as to the use of CB but say the PI partners with whatever agency governs the US. He informed me that all you need is to contact PARA in Manila and get registered there, but it isn\'t really necessary. He also stated that there is a 100% import duty on imported radio equipment but says he shipped over a plethora of radios and sprinkled it in with his household goods without getting taxed. Here is the link to PARA.

This clears up the HAM half of the question...  CB? another story, but maybe the boys at PARA can provide info.


Include your equipment with other items as \"household items\" in a balikbayan box and do your thang and forget what\'s legal Stateside!! I hold an USA FCC lifetime General that means NOTHING here from what I can find out.

Unless your living in Manila, I doubt anyone would be saying anything and maybe not even there?

What would you be doing with 2m here, since that\'s low power, line of sight with very limited range?


--- Quote from: B-Ray on January 29, 2008, 12:21:13 PM ---
What would you be doing with 2m here, since that\'s low power, line of sight with very limited range?

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Very good point - I took my scanner with me and also a sw/ssb receiver - all the local stuff is usually in Tagalog laced with slang - not interesting


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