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Holy week reminder


Holy week is coming up, be sure to have extra pesos around as many of the ATM machines run dry during the holiday and especially on Good Friday the 25th when many of the malls are also closed.
Holy Week 2016 starts on Sunday, March 20, 2016 and ends on Saturday, March 26th 2016

On my first trip to the  Philippines my wife's family decided that they would take me to San Fernando, Pampanga to see the penitensya. Let me say it was quite a experience but not one I want to repeat. While I believe in God, I do not practice organized religion anymore. Anyway, somehow I ended up right in front as the parade of people walked past flogging themselves and blood was flying everywhere. Some also were nailed to crosses. I really had mixed feelings about the whole ordeal but it was one of those things that will be remembered.

Sorry to sidetrack the Holy week ATM thread but it brought back those memories. I really prefer not to be in the PI this time of year anyway, at least not in N. Luzon as it is crowded and really HOT!


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