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Is anyone on here or ever been an Ubuntu OS user?

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Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Well, I found this and others on YouTube which helps!

How to Install Ubuntu on Windows Easily and Dual Boot

i too want to go to LINUX as WIN 10 doesn't interest me, nor did 8.  Win 7 is all i need, but then there's LINUX.

I just made the bootable USB with ubuntu on it from .

The LILI  ( linux live ) did not work as advertised in that there is no .exe within the USB  which allows running Linux out of Windows. Ok, there's still the boot option. I had to find out how to make my computer check for the USB in the boot order with my WIN 8 laptop, what we used to call the BIOS . It probably is still called bios, but also new name is eufi.  I Found the info by searching around a bit. If you have WIN 7 you probably don't need to. You would have the esc , or F1 ...F12 keys to press to break in to the bios on boot up. Ok, so i got my laptop to check the the USB, and huzzah , ubuntu. Nice clean interface, stable, opened my browser, and internet was there! Had to put it away, as this was my usual time to watch tv with my dear wife, but leaped back into it at my next possible moment and u.. u.. u..  no boot. It just stalled. Tried various things, but not done yet. just have to go to bed now.    good night america, good morning philippines

i tried my USB again today with high hopes but came away empty. Which proves that making the leap should be undertaken with caution.

I'll try again at a later date. Linux is in my future for sure  :)

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
I guess it's better you than me trying to figure out that Ubuntu OS, because you seem to have the patience for it. It would drive me crazy! I'm a dunce when it comes to a PC's bios or DOS.

I used Ubuntu exclusively on my second computer in the states. Small learning curve but not difficult to figure out. They have now upgraded enough that it is almost flawless in emulating most windows programs. I like it.


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