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I have 2 sons (13&15) which my asawa brought into our relation, 2 female helpers, 2  female dogs and 1 asawa, the last part I do like to keep that at just one . In the morning mostly at round about 7.30 am, I am the last who gets up and the coffee is made ready and waiting for me. My day mostly begins with reading European newspapers by  internet and at the same time I have a couple slices of toast with jam and / or cheese for breakfast. By that time present Lady\'s have already swept the yard, mopped the floors, washed clothes and dishes, children and dogs have been fed and been send of to school as far concerned. We have a Dalmatian and a Belgian Malinois, respectively 6 months and 4 months of age which after breakfast I take for their daily training and exercises. The area we live in is excellent for those purposes because we live here in the middle of nature quite far from roads, other traffic and disturbances. After my return it is usually the attraction of the internet, for example reading the wide variety of topics in various forums and the many answers to the variety of issues. I have a very broad area of interest and it\'s usually lunchtime again before I realize that. After a marriage of 21 years with a Chinese / Indonesian is eating rice dishes for me an every day routine and enjoy it really. My wife was before our life encounter a Fashion Designer and had never even  boiled egg before but has proven to possess the natural talent to understand that the love of a man runs through his stomach and she is cooking the stars from heaven. After dinner we usually draw back an hour for a siesta. For the rest of the day  for example, giving instructions to the helpers in maintaining our garden, while us self sometimes go out on a pedicab to Dumaguete City to do some shopping if necessary, do a little window shopping, going for a snack with cola on the terrace at Mc Donalds enjoying the passing by nature on two legs or having a cold beer on one of the terraces on the boulevard. In any case, we enjoy the freedom to do what ever we like and have the luck to be completely compatible together. After all this \"thrilling excitement\" it\'s time to find a pedicab to return us back home to attend to our responsibilities. The boys need our attention, the dogs an I need our exercises and very soon it\'s time for diner again. After dinner, it is already time for me to catch up on the internet with my European contacts regarding the difference in time. After my working life as an account manager for a German manufacturer of fireplaces do I still have an interest in the development of this market. Of course not every day is the same as prescribed above but I just give an impression on a day as yesterday was. In any case I never want to return to the life I formerly led as a part of the great economic engine, being pushed to consume to greater honor and glory of our western economy.

I would have been the first to reply if it had not been for breakfast then organising a trip out. I wonder what Murfs opening comments would have been then  ;D

Like captainron, my introduction is also in the ‘meet your neighbours’ section and a very long way back as I was asked by Jack to help build up the forum before the official opening. To follow from that entry, I have been living in the Philippines for four years now, three of them in Puerto Princesa Palawan. We have planned all along to build a house here, but circumstances and plans have changed causing it to stretch out. My almost current details on that are posted in the ‘building’ section.

I will take up Toms challenge and post about today.... fairly typical.

My computer goes on as soon as I get up and I read any email then go through the forum posts and reply if necessary. It stays on all day, unless I go out which is not very often. I saw a reference to eBook readers and decided to check out the latest offerings. Unfortunately they are still too expensive and not yet good enough to replace a standard book. I do read for at least several hours a day, and Tom, I have also read ‘The Pillars of the Earth’ and the sequel ‘World Without End (1025 pages and equally as good). Ken Follett is an excellent author and I have also read several of his other novels. I am currently working through Bernard Cornwell’s books; I have just finished reading all the ‘Sharpe’ series except for three. Two I could not find and one was eaten by termites. The year before we left the UK we used to attend boot sales. This was mainly to get rid of very many years of accumulated ‘junk’ but I also collected a lot of paperback books which were sent over here in balikbayan boxes.

To continue with today, we had a lot of grocery shopping to do, so we had lunch out first. The house we rent has only the very basic standard Philippine kitchen with the two burner stove in the dirty kitchen. Although Bing is an excellent cook, she is not a very enthusiastic one, and is not too keen on cooking and providing a meal for the mosquitoes at the same time. We therefore eat out sometimes, but I am really looking forward to having our own house with a fully equipped kitchen. I will then be able to cook all the food I enjoy. I like a lot of Philippine food, but my idea of good eating here would be 50:50 with international food. I would limit rice to 3-4 times a week preferably with curry.

I have been struggling to get a workable to-do list to prevent me getting distracted into doing things like writing this blog.  ;D There are so many things that I want/need to do. I should have at least today repaired our emergency light, checked out and recharged my laptop (my CD/DVD drive on my desktop has taken a dislike to DVD’s) done some more work on my house design etc. etc. My photography has taken a back seat as well as my music. I have an expensive electronic organ sitting in the lounge that has not been touched for many months. Then of course there is the novel that we all have in us that we need to write  ;D It is now past 5.0pm and the only thing I have crossed off my list is to buy folders to try to organise some of my paperwork.

After complete this post I will read for a while, have supper, and watch TV for an hour or so until the continual breaks in the programmes force me to give up. I will then potter on the computer for a while, have a shower and take a book to bed.


A typical day for me -

I\'m loathe to admit that I\'m up and around at about this time......not many trikes on the move in our neighbourhood until 7AM and I\'m loathe to fire up the truck and wake Gloria up.....she loves her morning lay-ins and I love taking her breakfast in bed

It really is easy doing nice things for Gloria. Each time I do I\'m MORE than rewarded by the happiness I see in her face whether it\'s breakfast in bed, a small gift, helping a family member in distress......it\'s all repaid by that beautiful smile and hug

BTW 2 of my nieces (university students) are usually up earlier than me and cook the breakfast for us all.....I\'m just the delivery boy ;)
Maricho & Gerelle are then off to uni before 7

Gloria and Ednalyn are just about getting up and \"bathed\" and dressed about now
I\'ll pop down to fish market and pick up bread if needed usually 3 times a week

Ednalyn\'s off to school, we generally take it it turns to take her the 1km or so there

Glo & I then chat about what\'s on the agenda for the day
MONDAYS generally involves banking first
TUESDAYS & FRIDAYS are local market day when farmers bring their produce into the regular market place
WEDNESDAYS & SATURDAYS another niece comes in to do the washing
SUNDAYS revolve around church .....now I\'m not a practising Christian....low maintenence Zorastian is more like it, no churches, no ministers
But Gloria manages to drag my butt there most Sundays.....sometimes first mass around 6AM when it\'s cool or around 7PM if I\'m too tapulan in the morning
I go because it means so much to Glo that I go with her and the girls

We usually eat out at lunch time at one of the malls as it\'s just the 2 of us

I usually like to drive down to our building lot 2 or 3 times a week, sometimes Glo will come too butjust as often she\'ll stay home and clean and prepare for evening meal
As our building project is in stasis at the moment.....
I might just deliver some rice or fish to Glo\'s sister, husband and 2 kids who are acting as custodians there at the moment
I might pick up some additional trees or vegetable seedlings for planting there
There\'s almost always some paperwork to be followed up on at least once a week

Pick up Ednalyn from school
Start her on her homework then it\'s nap time for us until about 6ish

We only eat out about once or twice a week
Cooking duties are shared between Glo, Maricho and Gerelle......I only get to cook once or twice a month
I tend to eat about 1/2 the rice that the girls do......but I\'m getting better but still need/want bread instead of rice at times
Students set table and wash up after
We have a modern western kitchen area but no stove; electric rice cooker, griddle, kettle and slow cooker handle most cooking
ALSO have dirty/wet kitchen with 2 burner heavy duty but portable gas cooker
This also serves as covered laundry room when raining

I\'m usually on and off throughout the day somedays more than others

Depending on the day I may hit the sack around 8 or 9 if particularly tired or more normally around 11 when everyone beds down except FRIDAYS when it\'s Novena time
This is so alien to me that I don\'t participate and Glo understands.....but all the girls do participate

We usually plan a trip out very other week (we\'ve done most of the initial tourist trips) be it a low key trip to the lot for a picnic and visit Glo\'s sister and family there, the beach....I\'m enjoying the lower key Filipino oriented beach resorts to the high end foreigner ones (but still enjoy Panglao Island Nature Resort every other month).
There\'s usually some family gathering most months

You must be thinking what an anal retentive control freak.......nothing could be further from the truth

THIS IS THE PHILIPPINES and some days bear NO RESEMBLANCE WHATSOEVER to the above described day

I would have been first,..... but I spent all morning on the phone to Cebu Pacific, trying to re-book our flights from Hong-Kong to Cebu in september !! Again, they declined our perfecly good credit card, so I had to sit explaining and spelling every word letter by letter to the operator, but it paid off, its all booked UK-amsterdam-HK-Cebu.
Nice to see a good response to my suggestion, believe me, its good to know for sure what other members do each day. Like all the stories so far, lets me know I\'m not so differant from the rest of you.
I love going to the Phils,.. but it plays havoc with my work, I have a small landscaping business and when (when) the weathers good I can get moving and make some good money, only to blow it all on another trip !! (3 - 4 times a year )
Last week, I finished off building a new patio (terrace) on a cottage way out in the Scottish countryside, the owners are English, so they seem to offer more cash than I\'m used to for the same job elsewhere (no complaints from me then ). Normally come home around 7 or 8, smelling something good coming from the back door as I approach,..the wife always likes experimenting with all manner of foods. My wife Margie has given me a wonderfull little daughter, Jewel, who is so beautiful, so full of life, nieghbors squabble over who will babysit for us when Margie and I are both working. She has a nice job in the local supermarket where she has made so many friends over the past 4 years. I\'m giving Marg driving lessons in my spare time, she bought herself a small Honda CRV which she calls her baby.  I\'ve been keeping parrots for a few years now, all differant kinds, I have an aviary in the back garden, but I decided to sell them on just recently. We parted with \"Jack\" recently too, he was the house Parrot,...too damned noisy for me, so I replaced him with a new tropical aquarium, much more relaxing in the house now. Now I can sit at the computer in the evenings without him pestering me by biting my ears or sliding down my arm and trying to type on the keyboard !
Hope more guys here will take the plunge and keep this thread going,...just something to click onto after reading the rest of the \"info posts \"



       Lawrence Here, been super busy moving house and getting ready for university, id deleted my id here as i had very little of interest to say. Still reading the many posts with great interest when i get the chance. I just signed in and was unable to send you a PM just yet. hope you got the cards i sent ya and you\'re keepin ok..


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