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I would like to visit Italy  :) Just love their food and understood that I heard about a lot of cities there so it would be nice to see it one day

Due to work I got to visit places like the UK, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Brazil, Mexico and China.  But, most of these were just the cities I had to work in.  Once in a while I'd get a chance to go do some sightseeing.  But even then, never really got to go that far from the city if at all.  Usually it was just seeing some of the sights in the city I was working in.

Since I moved her in 2013, I've been to Taiwan and Hong Kong and again, stayed in the cities.  Sucks.  But would love to see the history.  The ruins.  Only got to do that in a few cities in Europe.  But would enjoy the great wall and the Cambodian ruins and other such historical areas in SE Asia as well as some of the historical places in Japan. 

   After the trip to the Philippines in May of this year, we went to Kuala Lumpur for a few days. The ticket from Manila to KL one way was, I believe, 66 dollars each on Air Asia. We landed at KL2. We both have US passports and received 90 days on arrival for "West Malaysia and Sabah."  I bought a sim card at the terminal for my cheapo talk and text phone but they had them for smart phones also.  Air port is 20 plus miles from downtown KL. Terminal taxi was around 20 dollars US but there were also trains and buses available. We stayed at the Mercure Shaw Parad hotel (4 stars) for 49 US including tax. Very nice room with great air con, hot water, and pressure.  Took the monorail/LRT/MRT system everywhere in the city and I think the most expensive ticket was 3.10 ringgit (80 cents US) one way.  FYI, this being a Muslim country, certain cars on the rail were for women only.  Food was good and not expensive but booze could be. Local beer at open air restuarants was around 3 dollars US. Air con bars in the downtown area were considerably more pricey. Had a great time while there and took Grabe back to airport. Price was a little cheaper but it was a much nicer car than the taxi. I plan on going back as there is much we didn't get to see.


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