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Does anyone know of a free college-level school in the Philippines offering at least an Associates degree?

also forgive the short post. Internet is in the crapper today. 20 seconds just to load the icons above this message - heh I must have Colins and other members bandwidth for awhile...

I have never heard of FREE college  ???
Sign me up!

Nice... thanks for the feedback everyone... (more is welcome)

I just remembered in the USA there is a program college students can enter if they do not have money to pay for college.

It is called \"College work-study\" and I was in such a program in 1989. I had to work jobs such as:

1. Assistant librarian (checking in returned student books)
2. AV stoolie (Pushing TV/VCR\'s from 1 classroom to the next for presentations)
3. Recreation facilities assistant (basically turning on lights before games and off when games were over)

These were very easy jobs and without then I would not have been able to even start my education after high school.

I just ran this idea across a University in the Philippines and they were all over it. In the past they had been giving a handful of students 100% FREE TUITION thanks to donations from people like the v. Mayor Colin mentioned...

But with this \'work-study\' they hinted that there is a potential to reshape the entire education system in the Philippines with THOUSANDS of students now able to attend free with a simple easy-work-exchange!

The president has already mentioned boosting education - and this is a way it can be done with MINIMAL out of pocket costs !

So now we need to find jobs \'on-campus\' that will not only give students on the job training but also allow them to learn at the same time !

Win - Win situation....

I am just surprised they have never heard of \'college work study\' before...  ;D

Then again Rufus just pointed out that drunk driving will only now just become a crime in the year 2010 .... so maybe there are many things us \'westerners\' take for granted that can actually make a positive change in this country . . .

Lets see if I can convince them to open a Metro-Manila branch.... I really do not want to relocate despite the free land they have been throwing at me...

*crosses fingers*

This is not a job for me - I just offer free ideas when I have them in exchange for a day or 2 break from playing scrabble  :D


What should such a program be called? In USA it is \"COLLEGE WORK-STUDY\"

Should the name be localized to \"Trabaho at pag-Aaral\"

Just doesnt sound right... maybe Taglish... or an acronym... T.P.A. etc... (taking for granted I did not completely hack the language in my translation lol)

This Work=Stuidy program is not new to the Philippines at all.  I attended Southwestern University in Cebu on the GI Bill in the late 90s up to 2000, MBA program (Retired Navy).  I met several students who were working for the University parttime in exchange foir their tuition.  Actually one of my Professors told me he was a working-student in the 60s as was his two daughters later on.
  These students would do tasks such as, work in various offices on campus, clean class rooms, cut grass, etc.  I\'m kind of surprised that the people you talked to at UP were not aware of this.  My wife, who graduated from CIT in Cebu said the same program was in place there.  She said the Work-Study program was designed for needy students and they had to keep their grades up to a certain level.
  Sorry to high-jack your post but just filling you in to what I know.

  Regards, Danny


--- Quote from: dantoots on September 13, 2010, 06:20:14 PM ---the Work-Study program was designed for needy students and they had to keep their grades up to a certain level.

--- End quote ---

Thanks for the input.

Yes, even LaSalle staff was not aware of a work-study type of program.

I wonder if that is simply to keep \'undesirables\' out of their campus  :P

I will contact SOuthWestern in Cebu to find out more about how their work-study program works...

One thing i have noticed is nothing seems to be centralized as we are used to in the western world. There is a chance that select schools made their own work-study program and it was not introduced nationwide...

Im curious as to why it is not more widespread. Well.. maybe 90 million population and less than a fraction of that can fit into the top Universities may explain some of it...

Thx again for the input


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