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I would like to connect with anyone who has direct knowledge of teaching school in the Philippines. Interested in any and all International schools you might teach at. Can be any location in the country.

Thank you

I think several unis and colleges have education departments. Just have to check their websites.

For jobs, from what I know, schools generally require the Licensure Exam for Teachers. International schools may require more. There should be more details in the "careers" page of their websites.

What information do you seek? Tina has 2 sisters who teach now and both went to UEP to get their degrees.  I can talk about a lot of it, but there is a lot to talk about.  What are you looking for?

I would like to teach english to these people. Supposed to be the 3rd largest, but I find few who speak it??? Where do I go to find english speakers here???


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