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Just wondering what countries other might like to visit and why.

As for myself, at my young age of 69, and with some medical issues, our yearly visits to the Philippines is about all my body seems to be able to handle.

Having years before in the USN and then for companies visited many places,  but I never got chance to visit China.  Would like to visit provinces in China,  just to see how it is.  Its part of the history of the world.  Not interested in the big cities except a place for the plane to land.

I would like someday to visit some counties in Southeast Asia like Thailand, Cambodia, And Vietnam.
There are some magnificent ancient culture monuments and ruins I would like to see.

Gray Wolf:
Lots! Using the Philippines as our base, Glo and I would love to see parts of China, Thailand, especially Chiang Mai, Cambodia, Australia, Dubai where we have several nieces and nephews working, Fiji, Tahiti. Also have a strong desire to see Rome and Scotland. Judging on the cost of these trips I need to win it big on the lottery.  :D

I saw Saigon and Bangkok back in 67-68.  Made myself a promise I would visit Saigon again  Took the wife to Bangkok in 2012  and a week in Saigon in 2015.  Still have Europe and other Asian countries on our list as long as my body holds up.



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