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I have been asked to pass this message on:-

Spoke with Murf yesterday & he is in good spirits now he is \'HOME\' in Bayugan City, Mindanao. He has asked me to pass on an open invitation to all who can make it to his party on November 8. Free flowing drink & baboy. Send him a message if you want more info.

Colin please pass this on to the other guys.


Thank you both Colin and Keith for posting my request. As it got no replies, i suppose I should feel less than \"loved\" here, but I sort of always knew I would never win the \"prom queen\" award.

All I know is it was a rough trip over but well worth it. I have learned many things and am learning more every second it seems as I am here to stay now and with that comes an awesome amount of responsibility that I am not sure I am up to. I love it here in Bayugan more than any of you will ever know, it is remote, it is certainly in no way an either American\'s, Brits, Aussies, or any other foreigner’s idea of paradise.

I understand I guess why no one replied to Colin’s post, maybe it is not just the dislike of me personally and my certainly outspoken ways...but possibly the environment which i chose to live in is by most accounts primitive if not worse.

I both respect and understand the hesitation to visit such a place for if anything there are those who visit and some who even live in Manila who think that the people on the island of Mindanao on a regular basis as they asked my wife once while working in a \"noodle factory\" in metro Manila.... Is it true that kill people on a daily basis in Mindanao...\"sure my wife said, it\'s just like ringing the neck of a chicken...and for you because you are a little bit chubby that would put you in a big pot and boil you alive\"

Jack, my wife and i did as you asked us, we called your relatives, we treated them with respect and hospitality in our hotel and passed on the items that you and my sister glo asked us to pass on. I hope all is well with you and yours.

I am sad to say I have no email as yet, so if you try to reply by personal post, the email that I have on record here will not work that is an email account in the usa, it took me 4 days to get my isp to come out here and when they did they did not know how to configure their own hardware for I was running windows ultimate Vista which they were not familiar with , so after two hours of frustration and 4 different tech guys, i just took over figure out my own ip by pinging yahoo and at least i can browse the web but certainly not at the speed i had in the usa, but that is fine with me. I should have a working email in 2-10 days in Filipino time ;D

I will if allowed post pictures of the party so at least those can see the different parts of the RP in which some of us choice to live.

My dream has come full circle now...I am \"home\" where i choose to be some 30 odd years ago. I am content and happy here with my large extended family, with the blackouts, with the ants, with the roaches, with the rats, but most of all with the 20 to 30 young bright smiling faces that pour into this home(for it is a home) every morning at about 8 for it is semester break here now in this province...thus every child comes here to eat , for they know at the \"maneja\" house there is not only lots of biyan(spell check), but also lots of love.

I need many questions answered from those of you who are currently residing in the RP. I am in hopes that you can put your feelings aside for awhile and allow me to use this form in the ultimate way in which i think Don had intended it to be. That is a place where people, all people, people of different ideas, different values, different cultures, different backgrounds, different dialects, different religious or no religious beliefs could come and ask questions in an attempt to help them be a more productive member of the this great land. I have many pressing banking issue that I need advice and help with, i have questions about my 13A and my ACRI that i need help with.

I have always told this group the \"truth\", my \"yes\" has always meant thus, my \"no\" will always remain the same. I am no different than any of you here, I am no better but certainly no worse than any of you here, so I ask you out of a need of human kindness to find it in your heart to extend to me the same privilege you would a stranger on the street...for charity is not judged by the amount of your check, but the untold ways and secret giving’s that you extend without an expatiation of reward toward the least in your life.

To Colin, Greg, Jack and all those who have helped me before...I am here now, in a lot better place than i was before...Keith I can\'t get to your site for some reason so bare with me until i can.

Because of the security of the site and me not having a valid email address this may not even go through, or it may just be stopped anyway, for me i can\'t imagine why, but nothing surprises me anymore.

In closing I left the USA on the 14th of October 2008 at 1 am in the morning. On Thursday October 16th 2008 I got a call from my father saying my mother had died. Yes she died, she didn\'t just pass away, for i have no clue where people \"pass away too\"...all I know is she is dead. All I know is that she is dearly missed and loved by my wife and her son.

God Bless All

No exceptions or apologies this time....that one was for my mother I said it, and I meant it...God Bless All.


Gray Wolf:
Murf!  You finally made it!   :D :D :D :D
I\'ve just been waiting for a personal post from you so that I could properly reply.  I have no idea how to reply to a post made by someone, for someone through someone else.   ;D
Now that I know you\'re hooked up and able to go on line, albeit slowly, you\'ll be sure to get more responses.

I want to personally thank you for carrying the small package to Manila for us.  My nanay was thrilled to receive the medicine we sent her (as well as the chocolate)   ;)

I also want to publicly thank you, Thank You Bro!, for showing my brother in law Ronel and nephew Ryan such hospitality and kindness during their brief visit with you and Jennifer at your hotel.  They gave us a glowing account of how sweet Jennifer was and how friendly and courteous you were to them both.  Thank You brother!   :) :)

Ryan is a pistol, ain\'t he?  I\'m sure you can see why he is Tito Jack\'s favorite and why I have such desire to help my brother in law Ronel with the education of his son.  Ronel is my Manila anchor.  Without him, I\'m certain that things wouldn\'t run as smoothly.  He\'s a true partner in all of our family projects. 

And you, my friend, are a true brother for allowing us to use you and Jennifer to carry our small, but important, package to Manila and for allowing our family to come to see you at your hotel.  I will be forever grateful.   :) :)

I couldn\'t call you, as planned, since you lost your cell phone recharger.  If you will send me your new cell phone number by personal message, Gloria is anxious to talk to her friend Jen, and I\'m anxious to speak with you again, brother.  We have many things to discuss, including your new board here on LinPC, if you\'re still up to the task.

For all of the rest of you, I have asked Murf to begin posting his day to day experiences in Bayugan to give us all new insight into the life of a \"country gentlemen\" relocated in the Philippines.  ;D

I also heard that you had a health scare after arriving in Manila.  I trust that you have recovered sufficiently to fully enjoy your new home.  Please give us all an update, my friend.

Congratulations on your move!!   :D :D :D  I\'m sooo jealous.   ;)  And believe me, I fully intend to invade Bayugan on our next visit.   :D  You invited us, and we accept.  I\'ll give you sufficient warning to fatten a baboy (or two) and warn all the pretty girls that the big bad Gray Wolf is coming to Mindanao.  :o  ::)  8) 8)

God Bless you, brother!  I look forward to speaking with you again soon!

Semper Fi !!  Hooooooo  Raaaaahhh!!!

Your brother always,

Good to hear you are there in one piece(more or less ;D). I would like nothing more than to break bread with you in your new surroundings, but being in Oregon makes it a little hard at this time. But if the gods permit I will make a trip to the islands in the next year or so and I promise I will put you on the itinerary, as Mindanao is only short boat ride away from S.Leyte where I will be staying. Drink a RedHorse or 2 for me at your new place and Mabuhay!

Sorry to hear about your loss.

Welcome to the boards. I miss Mindanao !


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