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Hello! I found this forum because I was trying to get married in Taguig and a forum member had posted about his experience. I am an American citizen and married a Filipina last year. I was 35 and she was 28. I'm a lot younger than a lot of guys on this forum and don't have a military retirement or job pension to rely upon. We have decided to live in Manila for now because she works as an accountant and I work part-time online as an English tutor. I have the 1 year balikbayan visa and we plan on leaving again this year for a few days to renew it and then return to Manila.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Looks like you're both on the right path as a Balikbayan. Get your 13A permanent visa if you plan to stay longer in the Philippines. Have a good and enjoyable life.

Sounds like you got your stuff together.  Hope it works out well for the both of you.  Look forward to your future posts.  Welcome to the forum.

Word of warning User444, re your plan to work whilst you're here. You are not allowed to work on a BB or any visit visa.  If its online there's a pretty good chance you'll be OK, but it only takes one disgruntled or jealous person to report you to the BI and you could be in trouble.

Ok, I thought the work permit was needed for working for a company in the PH. For the BB visa, that means you couldn't work for a company in the Philippines. I work for an American company for American students. Can tourists who travel to the PH on a tourist visa work for their companies back home while on vacation?


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