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Hobbies for expats what are yours?

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The rest are of what I built and the final installation.

Very nice Kitekcountry. I suck at wood work, so I can admire the handiwork with envy.

In the past two of my main hobbies were dinghy racing and building radio controlled model aircraft.

Sailing would be good here, but I just could not imagine myself hanging over the side of a dinghy in a strong blow now  :(

I did bring a lot of modelling equipment with me but that is a little way down the list of things to do. I quite like the idea of one of these modern quadcopters fitted with a camera, but an RC version of the first power model I built in my teens is high on the list

My main interests now revolve around the use of my computer. Creating websites, editing photos, creating paintings at the moments. On the back burner are several music related projects.

I am now expanding my web site to include more details of my hobbies. This will lead to an independent and paid website possibly autobiographic in nature.

Colin, what's your web site addy.


--- Quote from: Shewmake on May 29, 2014, 07:28:51 AM ---Colin, what's your web site addy.

--- End quote ---

Hi Stephen, it is I did not post it before because I am in the process of rearranging, adding etc. It was originally just to put details of my house build, which needs updating, but decided to expand it to add hobbies etc. The structure does not really suit my needs now but is OK for an interim measure untill I create my independant site which will need a paid host.

Everyone is welcome to look at it, but I still have not decided on the final structure yet and also need to expand on some of the entries.


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