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Author Topic: TonyandJelma asked a question on moving to the Philippines  (Read 29378 times)

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Re: TonyandJelma asked a question on moving to the Philippines
« Reply #15 on: June 02, 2015, 09:55:05 AM »
You can ship your house hold stuff here, I think the there's a weight restriction of 7,000 lbs.  There's an attached document, basically you'll need to be a 13a Non-Immigrant Card holder and have documents prepared in advance.
Just an FYI. 13A is an immigrant visa but non-quota.

Good point Steve, if he's single ? ... this won't work if your single, sorry, so if single sell your stuff and send only the important stuff you can't live without in BB boxes, I did this, same with the car, you don't want to bring a vehicle at any costs, buy it here.

Or, you just put all of it in the asawa/gf's name and as long as she was living overseas, she'll be able to get it all in with not fees.  That's how the guys I know did it.  Not through their names.
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