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--- Quote from: bigrod on July 25, 2019, 01:00:22 PM ---There is an E-mail address on the link.


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Yes, I've tried the email in the past with zero response. I'll try calling this round. Thank you.

You'll be able to get help in starting your Social Security from any country that has a US Embassy and the US Citizen Services branch link as Chuck gave you above for the Philippines and here's the link for Vietnam  and also you can find out what your Social Security check will be another link

Thanks to everyone (MCA, etc.),

I'll definitely shoot for a conversation on the phone. I'm getting a bit ahead of the curve on retiring :-) but I'm trying to avoid weird residency issues given my overseas time. I also don't want to get "snagged" on a state issue with income earned overseas and so on....just trying to keep it simple if possible.

Next return, I may even end up hitting South Dakota for a couple of days to wrap up a bunch of things - residency, transfer a license, voter registration while avoiding taxes.....


--- Quote from: talfarlow on July 25, 2019, 12:14:39 AM ---I'm also curious if anyone has started retirement benefits from either inside or outside the US with "loose" residency within the US.
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Here is a related article that I ran across this morning.

Here are the countries with the most US retirees collecting Social Security

Hum, someone told me they applied online.  Guess I need to get busy researching this better. Thanks


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