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Pedophile’s arrest spurs calls for death penalty

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The Philippines seems to be getting serious about such crimes and while I totally agree with them that trash should be put out, what if someone were to be wrongly accused?

--- Quote ---July 5, 2015
A senior administration congressman has renewed calls for the restoration of the death penalty, albeit exclusively for persons convicted of torture, sexual assault, child pornography and other heinous crimes involving minors as victims.

Valenzuela City Rep. Sherwin Gatchalian reiterated his appeal for the restoration of the death penalty following the arrest of a 73-year-old Belgian national who was charged by the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) for sexually molesting at least 20 Filipina girls.

Charges of child abuse, child pornography and child trafficking were filed recently against Prosper Slachmulyders who was arrested by NBI agents following an entrapment operation at his home in Barangay Soom, Trinidad, Bohol.

“It’s about time that Congress re-examine the death penalty in the light of reports on the gravity of pedophilia operations in the country. Convicted pedophiles deserve the death penalty because of their dastardly acts against Filipino children,” said Gatchalian. READ MORE

--- End quote ---

Though I totally agree with you, first they should clean their own house...

Many innocent people would be taken out like this, accused and put to death, probably why the death penalty doesn't work here.  Watched another news special last night, tourists now visit and dance along prisoners, wonder how much farther this will go before it's completely warped, last special had the dancing prisoners eating several roast pigs, after the dance, why not have these guys make license plates, government and school furniture and some of the profits could go towards feeding them.

You notice how elected officials keep focusing on foreigners and yet they don't address the problems in the Philippines, OFW's by the millions leave the country looking for work, adults,kids starving in the streets, roads, infrastructure and transportation fixes take years if not decades, how hard is it to build up a transportation rail system similar to HK, Canada and Australia.  Get these trucks, buses off the roads.

Philippine man with wife, kids and now living with mistress and have girl friends, I have two In-law family members like this, double standards levied on foreigners and if you don't like it... I know... leave.

Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
Nothing in the article is new, but you just said the usual common expression! 
"Double standards are levied on foreigners and if you don't like it... I know... leave"!!!!!  ??? :o

Double standard for sure..but that's to be understood this is not our Homeland....same goes for other Asian countries is my guess.for an example Thailand if your involved in an accident most cases your the Blame...same here most people will try and blame you but the money matters I got one up here last year we drove to Lipa SM and while I was turning into the parking lot just inside the Gate a speeding motor bike slammed into me the story is long but my wife made him pay .very nice


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