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Gun ownership in the PI


This may be the wrong forum as the actual question would be related to my wife. If and when I move to the PI, my wife will apply for dual citizenship. Once this is accomplished, would she have to prove proficiency with a firearm to purchase one? The problem is that my wife is afraid of guns and no matter how hard I try, she will not even try to learn to handle and shoot any firearm. If I move there, I would feel "naked" in a house without protection and I would feel much better if she could purchase a gun, even a shot gun to have in the house. In a real emergency, I could perhaps "borrow" it in a pinch. If it is just a simple purchase than I may be able to convince her to do so. If it requires a safety course or proficiency test, than I would be SOL.


Art, just a re(tired) Fil-Am:
How to buy a gun in the Philippines

Thank you Art. The video was informative.

They have changed the gun registration laws here recently

Here is a link to the new law

Short version of it for you

SEC. 4. Standards and Requisites for Issuance of and Obtaining a License to Own and Possess Firearms.

In order to qualify and acquire a license to own and possess a firearm or firearms and ammunition, the applicant must be a Filipino citizen, at least twenty-one (21) years old and has gainful work, occupation or business or has filed an Income Tax Return (ITR) for the preceding year as proof of income, profession, business or occupation.

In addition, the applicant shall submit the following certification issued by appropriate authorities attesting the following:

(a) The applicant has not been convicted of any crime involving moral turpitude:

(b) The applicant has passed the psychiatric test administered by a PNP-accredited psychologist or psychiatrist;

(c) The applicant has passed the drug test conducted by an accredited and authorized drug testing laboratory or clinic;

(d) The applicant has passed a gun safety seminar which is administered by the PNP or a registered and authorized gun club;

(e) The applicant has filed in writing the application to possess a registered firearm which shall state the personal circumstances of the applicant;

(f) The applicant must present a police clearance from the city or municipality police office; and

(g) The applicant has not been convicted or is currently an accused in a pending criminal case before any court of law for a crime that is punishable with a penalty of more than two (2) years.

For purposes of this Act, an acquittal or permanent dismissal of a criminal case before the courts of law shall qualify the accused thereof to qualify and acquire a license.

The applicant shall pay the reasonable licensing fees as may be provided in the implementing rules and regulations of this Act.

An applicant who intends to possess a firearm owned by a juridical entity shall submit his/her duty detail order to the FEO of the PNP.

My Wives registration PTC took at least 2 days 

Good Luck

Thanks FMSINC. Unfortunately for me, that puts things in a completely different perspective. As previously mentioned, my wife will not go through a gun training seminar no matter how hard I try to convince her it would be for her own good.
 I guess it will be a Louisville Slugger and whatever else is feasible.


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