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Just a short story of my wifeís Auntís simple life

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Condolence Kuya Art and Meylou. Kuya Art, just a thought, what if your wife's aunt's husband died first and was buried in the US. Then the aunt can no longer get married in Catholic rites by an ordained priest and can't receive the last rites even tho she is a practicing Catholic! I think the Pope should be notified of this" Only in the Philippines" rule and teach them a lesson on acceptance and compassion.My neice has similar problem, she met a nice man, unfortunately, he was married briefly to someone who went abroad and forgot about him. They are both Catholics. They live together( annulment is not heard yet at the time and even then, can't afford it) and have 2 beautiful kids. Imagine how shocked  I was when they told me, the catholic priest in our parish refused to baptize the kids because they are illegitimate! They changed religion.


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